Walkie Talkies and Ice Scrapers

Tesla getting charged. Note the snow.

Light snow and ice came through Kuttawa, Kentucky last night. Dart got up at 3:30 a.m. I nearly froze while waiting for him. When I got back to the room, I jumped under the covers to warm up and Regis suggested we get started for the day. I said, “heck no!” A half hour later it was clear I was not going to be able to sleep and relented. We loaded up our two cars, both encased in snow and ice. We had no ice scrapers, so we had to wait until the car melted the ice from the windows. Regis had fully charged the Tesla the night before, but the frigid temperatures (it was 20 degrees Farenheit in the morning) drained some of the battery and while he recharged, I bought gas, gloves, and ice scrapers.

As we got to the entrance to the interstate, Regis went the wrong way. No coffee kills him. I failed to follow and went the correct way but pulled over to call him and tell him to turn around at the next exit. I drove slowly hoping he would catch up and finally got off at a rest stop and waited for him.

The Tesla lost charge faster as a result of the cold temperatures and had to be charged more often. Regis has started collecting data on cold weather energy usage for a further post. First impression is that at highway speeds the car consumes MUCH more energy. The low got to 16 degrees F after sunrise and hovered around 20 all day. Poor Dart. Neither Regis nor I could bear the cold long enough to let him stay out long. He was not as bothered as we were.

After the second charge, Regis went to Lowes and bought walkie talkies. I thought we could do without them but found having them made things much easier. It was a wise move.

We saw at least 7 vehicles crashed and abandoned in the median strip and a couple large trucks wrecked on the side of the road. Bad weather went through the area yesterday and was likely the reason. I am glad we missed that.

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