A Wild and Wicked Wind


It was crazy windy today. It impacted the gas consumption in the Jeep, which was probably worse because of the kayaks. The Tesla drained battery fast with the cold temperatures and wind. Regis continued to let me break the wind for him, like the goose in front of the V formation. It became necessary to charge in every substantial town with a charging station. The traffic was light and we were able to maintain our speed consistently, so we covered a lot of ground. We drove about 480 miles today. We have not covered that much ground in a day since our younger days when we were crazy enough to drive all night to get to our destination. We once drove from Maryland to Albuquerque, New Mexico non-stop. Never again. It was doable today because there was not much traffic. The wind was so fierce, I thought it was going to blow the kayaks off the car. When we stopped and let Dart out, he looked at us like “why can’t you do something about this?” He likes the cool weather but hates the wind.

We stayed in a Hilton Tru hotel last night that has an interesting concept. There are no carpets, which we like with the dog. They had a cool automatic pancake maker at the free breakfast. This appears to be a good option for families and people traveling with pets.

Tru Hilton room.
Tru Hilton lobby.

We got up this morning before sunrise and we were on the interstate while it was still dark. As the sun rose, we could see flocks of geese flying overhead. I grew up in Maryland and frequented the Eastern Shore where you could see flocks of geese during spring and fall. I often visited the Eastern Shore to see them. I loved seeing that kind of bird activity again.

Wyoming. Kayaks haven’t blown off the car yet.
Wind turbine blades being transported by rail.

We have traveled enough under varying circumstances for me to have a strong opinion about a couple things. I love our Tesla for local travels. We can charge it overnight in our garage and never worry about charging issues. On the road, it is a different situation. The current charging situation makes it less than ideal for going long distances. If you need to do it occasionally, it can be done. Regularly, I would not do it. It is too much trouble between finding charging stations and dealing with weather issues that impact battery usage. Most charging stations are not readily available to the interstate, which lengthens the trip more.

I love our Tesla and would not give it up. It works best for local stuff. We use the Tesla first for anything we need to do locally. We use the Jeep if the situation requires us to carry kayaks or drive in less-than-ideal conditions. We are fortunate to have two cars that meet different needs effectively.

Several years ago, I tried to determine whether it was best to travel in an RV or stay in hotels, etc. I was not sure, but we purchased an RV and proceeded to travel in one for several years. Now that we are dependent on hotels, I hate it. I do not want to be a whiner, but I hate it. I miss our motorhome. I prefer my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen, and having all my stuff tucked away in the appropriate places. We hate having to find food elsewhere. We hate having to bring our stuff into and out of the hotel every day. I do not want to keep whining, but think it is worth sharing our feelings now that we have had both experiences. Everyone is in a different place. For me, I much prefer camping.

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