Cross country summary

I have been on several long trips with the Tesla, but they have all been in populated areas and warm temps. This trip was different, cross multiple time zones, varying altitudes, varying population densities, varying weather with potentially freezing conditions.

For this trip we knew we would be encountering a variety of whether conditions. The Tesla has “summer” tires on it. It will not do well in any kind of winter slush. We took a longer but more southern route hoping to avoid snow/freezing weather. That didn’t happen. We encountered near freezing temps and even snow through some mountain passes. But given the edge of performance for the tires the Tesla it did well.

The Tesla battery did ok in temps down to about 45 degrees F, below that it consumed twice as much battery to go a mile.

I would surmise the battery usage to be:

1: Driving in cold temperatures will use more battery (Batteries don’t like cold).

2: Cold weather will mean you use more climate control to keep the inside warm. (More battery)

3. Whatever the Tesla range is indicating, reduce if by half. If it said I could go 200 miles, I could only count on 100. (When temps were 40-45 F).

Your mileage may vary but for us a max range of 100 miles, in 40F and below was the best we could count on.

And I don’t like the cold!

To put a period on this, I guess I was happy with long distance trips before, but the cold weather puts a different take on things.

The Jeep consumed $726.38 in gas. The Tesla consumed $327.19 in charges. We drove approximately 3,000 miles. That means the Jeep was about 24 cents a mile vs. the Tesla at 11 cents a mile. Plus, we have to get the oil changed on the Jeep. Tesla’s do not need oil changes.

We still do not have our furniture. It left Florida last Tuesday and we will not see it before the end of next week. We have decided to take advantage of the situation to paint and do other chores that area easier to accomplish when you do not have furniture.

The flowers are blooming and it is a joy to see. We have explored the area a little bit, but mostly we are just settling in. We have not pulled out the cameras. That time will come. There has been too much to do to spend much time recreating. We came at a good time because it is spring and beautiful things are happening. I hope in another couple weeks, we can stop doing things with the house and cars and start exploring.

The Jeep arrived in Washington with a potential problem, so we have to get it to a Jeep dealer soon. Our funds from the sale of our house cleared the account today and Regis lost a crown on his tooth. Just in time to pay for it!

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time painting and decided to give the Jacuzzi a try. We have never had one and did not know how to work the controls. As we were trying to figure it out, one of the jets shot water all over the bathroom. It was a wet mess.

We have wood floors throughout most of the house and it is a major problem for Dart. He cannot get traction. We ordered some plastic covers for his toenails, but his back toenails are too short for them to work. We got him some socks and they are working well for him. Once we get our furniture, we have area carpets that will make his life easier.

We locked ourselves out of our house a couple days ago. Regis set up the keypad for the garage door opener and it failed when we needed it. Fortunately, we had Dart with us and we were able to drive to Jason’s house in Seattle about an hour and a half away to get his key so we could get in our house. It was nice to visit Jason, Dan, and Coco but, really, under better circumstances.

While in Seattle, I was starving so we walked about a half mile to a nearby restaurant. Dart could barely make it. The little guy is struggling with arthritis, etc. It is hard to watch, especially since he was a pro at agility trials when he was younger.

Regis is now at the dentist and I am exhausted from painting. Hopefully, pictures next time.

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