Olympic Mountains

Olympic Mountains viewed from Tracyton, Washington.

We now live in Bremerton, Washington and when the skies are clear enough, we get impressive views of the snow-covered Olympic Mountains. As we drive down the road, we will make a turn and get the most amazing view. We can see one of the peaks from the top of our driveway. We find ourselves driving a particular route for many of our errands and there is a stop sign about a half mile from the house. When you look left at the stop sign on a clear day, the view is stunning. I love when there is no one behind me so I can stay a few more seconds and enjoy it.

Last evening, Dart and I went to a nearby city park in Tracyton that is only a few miles away and has a concrete boat ramp. We sat at the top of the boat ramp and enjoyed the view. Dart enjoyed people and pet watching while I enjoyed watching the gulls eat clams. The gulls have found the concrete boat launch to be a perfect place to drop a clam and have it crack open so they can eat the insides. They do not have to fly up very high for the drop and they nail it almost every time. I look forward to getting my wet suit and life preserver when our goods arrive so I can go kayaking.

Immature glaucous-winged gull with a clam.
Immature glaucous-winged gull with a clam it just dropped onto the boat ramp and successfully broke it.
Glaucous-winged gull taking off with a clam it just picked up.
Glaucous-winged gull flying around to the boat ramp where it dropped the clam.
A glaucous-winged gull getting ready to release the clam onto the boat ramp.

2 Comments on “Olympic Mountains

  1. It’s beautiful country. We have hiked in the National Forest in the mountains and have seen stunning views of the area.

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