Moving in

Collie puppies. Nala is in Linda’s right hand and Raven is in her left hand. They are three weeks old.

We were in our new home 14 days before our goods arrived. Our initial concern when leaving Florida was that our stuff would get to Washington before us. As it turned out, the stuff did not leave Florida until after we arrived in Washington. Our initial plan was to take about 10 days or so to cross country, but we speeded up the trip because we were tired of driving, sleeping in motels and eating fast food.

We made good use of the time while the house was empty. We unloaded two cars full of things we brought with us because we knew we needed them on day one: PCs, network routers, dog food and the like. Next, we got paper plates, utensils, and some real food. Jason and Dan, who live about an hour and a half away in Seattle, came over for a visit and brought a care package: pots and pans, real utensils, and some basic tools we could use until our stuff got here.

With tools in hand, we started to tackle the house. We liked most of the room colors, however Linda wanted something a bit different. After 7 sample jars of paint, new colors were chosen. Linda started painting while I started fixing things.

During the first couple of days, we created a sizable list of things to fix. The house was built in 1983 and is mostly in great shape. In 2015, there was a major renovation including a total kitchen, new windows and doors, flooring, decking and all top shelf stuff. However, there are a lot of little things that are not right. My task was fixing those things. We spent our first couple weeks painting and fixing while staying out of each other’s way.

The house got mostly painted, at least one room twice. Things got checked off the “to do” list, however the “to do” list seems to be twice if not three times as long as when we started. We keep finding things to add to the list as we work our way through the house. We spent way too much money at Lowes and we are still spending. Most of the remaining projects are not too bad except for replacing the flooring in three rooms. When Linda started to paint the rooms with carpeting, she noticed how filthy the edge of the carpet was in one room. She, of course, decided that the carpets had to go now. After we ripped up the carpets, we found enough dirt at the edge of one wall to grow plants. The house is built on a slope and that wall backs up to the slope. I will have to check out why the dirt is seeping into the house before I install the new flooring. We are installing moisture proof vinyl flooring in those three rooms. It works better when you have pets.

Speaking of pets, Linda found some collie breeders in Washington. Apparently, she started looking with an eye to the future so she could have some company when hiking. Dart is too old to hike with her. One of the breeders about two hours away just had a litter of pups. Linda went to see them last Saturday and is bringing home not one, but two collies in May. One old dog that has to be carried up and down the steps and two puppies. Should be fun. Time to find my boat.

2 Comments on “Moving in

  1. Congrats on relocation and pending family additions. Puppies are a great help when it comes to painting and I’m sure they could add a lot to a flooring job.
    Just got a new pup myself, Ofeea, three weeks ago after having to put Myja down mid-January. Even though it had only been five years since Myja was a pup I had forgotten how demanding raising a pup was. So far only minor damage to the house and not to much blood loss from needle sharp puppy teeth. But all indications are that she will work out just fine with a little time and effort.

    Best of luck in your new home and with your new family.


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    • Five years since a puppy does not sound long enough. I’m so sorry you lost her so soon. I know I’m crazy to try to train two dogs at the same time, but my first collies were six months apart and I did it while working full time. Dart will help me. I just have to make sure he does not teach the bad habits he has developed and I have allowed. He is well trained though and I hope he will pass some of it on. Please send me pics.


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