Trucks here!

After two weeks of “camping out” in the new house our wish came true. We got the call to inform us of when the truck, containing all our household goods, was going to arrive! Well, what’s that sayin, “careful what you wish for”.

They got here about mid-afternoon, backed down the driveway and slowly opened the door. Everyone was concerned because our driveway is steep and the back of the truck was facing downhill. While we wanted the truck unloaded, we did not want to see it all just roll out the back! The fear was unfounded as they had strapped the load in fairly good and nothing shifted out of place.

I stood in the garage and directed traffic as best I could. Linda had to sit in the office and hold Dart in her lap. He would not stop barking as the movers were going in and out. If she held him, he would quiet down. Eventually, the sofa got moved in and she was able to let Dart lay on it. He was more content and just let everyone go about their business.

After about 2 and a half hours the truck was empty, the house was full and we had just enough time to run out for some BBQ. With our bellies full we could not wait to start unpacking. First task was to put our bed together so we could sleep a little higher than the floor. That’s when we found that one side rail was missing from the bed. Although we could not put the entire bed together, the box spring and mattress together were higher than what we had been sleeping on. I think we also unpacked a few boxes before calling’s it a day.

After a good nights sleep, in our own bed, we spent the entire next day, a good 12 hours, unpacking boxes. For a while it seemed like the more we unpacked the piles of boxes never got smaller. By the end of the day we had gotten through all the boxes on the main floor and most of the them on the lower floor. What a day!

We spent a couple days re-arranging almost everything into a better and hopefully more permanent place. With the house now looking like a home, we had one problem to work on, the garage!

We have a two-car garage. One side is filled with unopened boxes, the other filled with broken down empty boxes and packing material. Nothing was getting done here till the junk was gone. One call to our friends at Kitsap Junk and poof we got half the garage back. After a day and a half, the garage is almost useable for a car.

As we completed the unpacking, we came to realize that not only was a portion of our bed missing, but we were missing our two bicycles and a ladder. Linda contacted the moving company and a week later has no response.

A week after the truck arrived the big project now is to put down flooring where we pulled out the carpets and getting the house and yard set up for two collie puppies arriving on April 9.

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