Skagit Valley Tulips

About a week ago, we took a break from house activities and headed to Skagit Valley to see the spring bulbs. They were mostly tulips. We drove around the sound on the way there and encountered a lot of traffic. We found the display in Skagit Valley somewhat disappointing. Perhaps it was not a good year or not the right time to see the peak bloom. We did not see many fields of flowers but we could have driven on the wrong roads and missed the best. We don’t know.

We tried to stop in LaConner to grab lunch, but it was too crowded. We gave up and I grabbed a bag of carmel popcorn when we got fuel and subsisted on that until we got home. SInce the drive there was terrible, we took the ferry back. We had to wait awhile but it was better than driving. We got a front row seat on the ferry, having arrived so early for the next ferry, and enjoyed the view although it was very windy.

It was good for us to get away for a day, but we were somewhat disappointed that it was not as good as we expected. Again, we may have missed the best routes or the best time. We noticed the rhodendrums were in bloom and they are not in bloom at our house.

We have had regular freezing temperatures and snow/sleet/graupel. We never heard of graupel. It is a snowflake that picks up additional precipitation on its way down as supercooled droplets. Having lived in Florida for the last six years, we can easily say we have seen more snow/sleet/graupel/etc. in the month of April here than our last six years combined, perhaps more.

I can’t say whether Regis is in good spirits about this. He complains of being cold a lot. I’m into the adventure, so I don’t care. I’m working on purchasing the appropriate clothing. As the Norweigan’s say, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.” Dart is thriving. He could barely walk when we were in Florida and stairs were out of the question. He now walks regularly with me for about a mile in the local preserve. It’s beautiful. He is slow and spends a lot of time smelling. Since it is his walk, I let him take his time. He is starting to go up and down the steps. I assume he likes the cooler weather

I was scheduled to get some hand surgery in May in Florida and was planning to return for the surgery. I changed my mind since there are excellent medical resources locally. I am still working on getting something scheduled locally, but cancelled my Florida appointments.

We have made great progress in the house. Most of the painting is done and Regis has installed the new floors in 2 of the three rooms. It is very likely it will all be finished before the new collie pups arrive in 3 weeks.

We are just beginning to tackle the outside. The weather has been abnormally bad, so spending our time inside for house improvement has not been a problem. Part of tackling the outside is dealing with a massive English Ivy problem on our slope. English Ivy is an invasive species and it is well established on our slope. That can cause slope erosoion issues. I contacted a local expert about removing it and we are moving forward to see how we can do that successfully and replace the ivy with native vegetation.

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    • I thought about that. I think our hillside is too steep. We need to leave the dead vegetation in place until new stuff is established so our property doesn’t roll downhill.


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