Some Pics

Pine siskin.

We’ve been here for over a month and have grabbed the cameras now and then. This post is to show a few of the things we’ve been seeing in our yard or at the local preserve. Dart and I walk the preserve almost everyday. He enjoys the walks but sleeps the rest of the day, once we get home.

Anna’s hummingbird.

We have finished the most of the big projects. We have a mission of completing all painting projects before the puppies arrive on May 7.

We have a need to determine our property lines because we want to install a fence for the dogs and kill the ivy, but don’t want to do the neighbors ivy. We got a price to restake the 4 corners of the property and it was $1200. Regis purchased a metal detector and, after much work, was able to find one corner. That helps with the ivy eradication, but does not help with the fence. One neighbor had a survey of our property with the house, which helps us to understand where the property line is on that side (where Regis could not find the markers). If we do a fence, we will stay well within the line to avoid paying for a survey.

In Florida, we couldn’t transfer property without an updated survey. We had to pay $450 to get an updated survey for our house in Florida because we installed a patio. That is not the case in Washington. It appears that we are in the wild, wild west. Very interesting.

Stellar’s jay.
Wild bleeding heart.
Hairy woodpecker.
Junco with two white tailfeathers. It is missing most of its tailfeathers.
A junco with full tail feathers.
Red-breasted nuthatch.
Pine siskin.
Pine siskin cleaning its bill.

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