Puppies – Krakens


We got our two collie puppies on Saturday. Raven is the boy and Clover is the girl. (I was going to name her Nala but I think Clover is a better fit and it means something to me.) I think I should have given myself at least six months between puppies so I could focus on clicker training the basics with one dog at a time. I have been taking them out separately to learn to walk on a lead and learn basic commands. They are learning the lead well and they are usually doing their business outside. We have had no issues at night and Raven has never messed in the house.

Their personalities are different. Raven is laid back and very food motivated. Clover is super friendly and curious. Her tail is always wagging and no matter what Regis and I are doing, she is in the middle of it. If I open a closet door, she will come from out of nowhere like a bullet to get inside and investigate. She is always underfoot. She adores Dart. Dart gives her more leeway than Raven. Both puppies are well adjusted. Dart is getting used to them. They love him but he is reticent. They are well grounded and pay attention to his signals and deal with it appropriately without drama. He wants to play sometimes, but not always. He got into a playing situation with Raven but cut the play short when Raven grabbed his tail.

We have a small penned area for them in the kitchen for when we can’t watch their every move. It is working well and they prefer to spend the night in this area. When they are in there, it gives Dart a break. Regis calls the puppies the krakens and says “Should we release the krakens?” when he is suggesting we let them out of the pen.

Clover on the left and Raven on the right.



Here is a little video of their arrival.

6 Comments on “Puppies – Krakens

  1. They are so cute Linda. Not sure I would have the patience that you have dealing with puppies.
    Sounds like you have been adjusting well to your new area. Think about you a lot.
    My Grandson graduates this weekend and we are going to KC for the event. He just accepted a job with the National Park System in Port Angeles as an Education
    Technician. He will work with school children on tours, etc
    Did Regis find a boat yet? Keep up your posts as we love hearing about your adventures.


  2. Regis did not find a boat yet. If you get out this way to visit your grandson and sister, let’s meet up. I would love to see you.


  3. Awwww, how sweet! They look just like the tri-colored Collie I had when I was growing up. We are dog-less at the moment, having lost ours unexpectedly back in November. It may be time for a Collie in my life.

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