Baby Birds

Baby junco.

We have been seeing many baby birds over the last couple weeks: robins, juncos, pine siskins. There is owl activity day and night. Until the puppies get bigger, we can not leave them outside unattended. We see deer often and I saw a beautiful buck the other day. The hummingbirds drain the feeder within a couple days. I put up a second feeder today.

Pine siskin.
Pine siskin.

The weather has been wet and cold. We broke a record the other day for the coldest weather recorded for that particular day in May. On April 1, the precipitation in the area was 80% of normal and the other day is was 128% of normal. The skiing is good in the mountains. I am concerned I will never get out in my kayak.

The puppies are smart and learning quickly. They slept through the night the last two nights. Yeah!


It puzzles me that Raven likes to sleep on the glass shelf when he has a comfortable Orvis bed available to him. We have found him up there a couple times.

One Comment on “Baby Birds

  1. My akita preferred to sleep on the cold tile floor instead of a soft dog bed.


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