Flowers and Collie Landscapers

Eyeing the flowers to determine the trimming required. Clover checking out Jason’s and Dan’s garden.
Yep, that one needs to go. Clover removing flowers from Jason’s and Dan’s garden.

My collie puppies like to trim the plants. I had to move my container plants away from their area and dig up most of the remaining flowers and move them. The sword ferns are difficult to remove, so I left them in place. The collies love to trim them. I have not seen any indication that they eat them, but they snip off the fronds and chew on the roots.

On Saturday, I took Raven to visit Jason in Seattle. The vet recommended I separate them regularly. We found that when the puppies are separated, they are calmer and easier to handle. While investigating Jason’s yard, Raven particularly enjoyed chewing on the sticks and trimming branches.

I planned to take the ferry back to Bremerton from Seattle. I got to the ferry dock to find I mistimed it and missed it by 10 minutes. The ferry gentleman told me the Bainbridge ferry was leaving in 45 minutes, so I decided to take it instead of driving back. I thought it was particularly crowded in the waiting area. As we got close to the next ferry departure, I checked my phone and saw the ferry had docked. I could not see it from where I was parked. Not long after, I saw it had departed and I had not moved an inch. Frustrating. Once in the ferry lanes, you can not change your mind. I had to wait almost another hour for the next ferry. After the ferry ride, I arrived in Bainbridge to horrendous traffic. It was a beautiful day, so I thought that was the cause. As I drove through Poulsbo, I saw signs indicating it was Viking Week. That explains the ferry and traffic congestion. There is a lot of nordic history in this area, so this festival is a big deal. It was a long day.

When we spent weeks camping here each summer, we loved the ferries and found them very reliable. Now that we are here, not so much. Some locals told me that things changed with the pandemic and the ferry system is not back to normal with fewer staff and some ferries out of commission. When it works, I love traveling on the water and looking out for the wildlife and spectacular scenery. It appears we will be driving more than ferrying.

I took Clover for a visit to Seattle on Monday. One our recent car excursions, I put her in the crate in the car and she escaped. I took her out of the crate once we were on the ferry. She investigated the car and then went back into the crate and slept the rest of the way. Go figure. Once she got to Jason’s garden, she scrutinized it and proceeded to trim flowers here and there. She had a particular opinion of the purple flowers and kept deadheading them, even if they weren’t dead. This time, I brought the camera to take pictures of the flowers. After Clover investigated an area, she would come check with me and then head back out. That is a good thing.

I love all the blooming flowers in the area and here are just a few of the images from Jason’s garden.



Look at the pollen sacks on this bee. The bee is visiting ajuga.

3 Comments on “Flowers and Collie Landscapers

  1. Beautiful pictures Linda. One of the reasons I am not coming to Whidbey Island this summer is because of the ferry issue and unsure of times needed, etc. also the airfare is $800.00, car rental, etc. I could go to Europe for the price I need to spend to go to WA. I love reading your messages. We miss you.


    • Airfare is very expensive. Regis is flying to Orlando and the round trip airfare is $1300.


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