Hummingbird, Camped Out

Hummingbird attempting to make sure no other hummingbird comes to the feeder.

The hummingbirds have been draining the feeders. I set up another feeder to try to capture a hummingbird in flight with wings stopped. I put out my flashes and tried to remember my settings and failed miserably. Nothing I did got me where I wanted to be. I will have to start over and relearn the flash stuff. In the meantime, I noticed that one of the male hummingbirds camps out at the feeder. He stays there for a long time and falls asleep. I guess he does not want to share. I also noticed that in certain light, the gorget looks gold but when I take a picture with my camera, it is not as gold. I understand that our eye and the camera see different things, but this one is particularly puzzling to me.

Anna’s hummingbird at the feeder.

Anna’s hummingbird.

I was trying, unsuccessfully, to take pictures of the bees at our blooming rhodendrum. The whole area buzzes because there are so many bees. I did not get a single decent picture, but I noticed the dogs making peace. Dart has not been thrilled with the puppies even though the female tries desperately to make friends. The male heeds Dart’s warnings and stays away, but the female will not give up. Dart has been having trouble going up and down steps recently. Regis made him a ramp to get to the grass. Dart is happy to have it and the puppies love it too. Probably because it is new and different. I can use the ramp to begin some agility training. While trying to photograph bees, I saw the beginnings of peace between Dart and Clover. I later saw the same with Dart and Raven. Dart is not always tolerant, but sometimes he is. I still have to look out for him and protect him. He is old and slow and the puppies take advantage, so I have to be his keeper.

Dart and Clover making nice while Raven sits in the background on the ramp Regis made for Dart.
Raven with his floppy ears.

The puppies are a handful and Clover is the one driving me crazy. Raven is the marshmallow who listens and is basically house trained. Clover pushes the boundaries constantly. As long as I stick with it, she eventually behaves. For example, she wanted to dive into the dishwasher. Raven got the message very early that it was not acceptable. Clover did not. I put her in her pen everytime she did not listen to me that it was not okay to get into the dishwasher while I was loading dishes. It took three days for her to accept and behave. She did.

Regis is in Florida looking at boats and I thought I would go to Port Townsend to visit and go to some of the art galleries in town. I put the pups in their pens and left in the Tesla and it didn’t take long for me to notice that I had a problem with one of the tires. It was low on air. I turned around and came back home. Teslas do not have spare tires. If there was a problem, I had no idea how long it would take to work with Tesla to get it resolved. We are not in the boonies, but as far as Tesla is concerned, we are. To me, it was not worth the risk. I figured it was better to go home, fill up the tire, and see how things looked the next day. If all was well, I may still go to Port Townsend.

When I got home after only being gone about 15-20 minutes, I found that Clover was running through the house while Raven was still in his pen. We once had a male and female Bedlington Terrier and she managed to escape pens and crates and he did not. I prefer male dogs!

I put up a plastic enclosure in our backyard for the pups and two weeks into being with us, one of them rolled out of the fence during their playing. That night, when I let them out, they dashed for that spot and scrambled over the top of the fence and left. I had to grab some shoes and their treat bag and shake it. Thank goodness they love the sound of crinkaly bags. They immediately returned. Regis had to set up a better enclosure.

This reminds me of a time that I built a rabbit hutch for my son’s and nephew’s rabbits. It looked terrible. Regis and my dad spent a day in the garage and built a beautiful rabbit hutch. It could have won awards. So, as much I want to be handy and do things, I am not good at it. Regis excels. Phew, thank goodness.

This has been a particularly cold and wet couple months in the Pacific Northwest. The dogs track dirt in everytime they come in the house. Once Regis set up a better enclosure in the back, I started letting the dogs out there. One day, after coming in the house, they investigated our shower. It appears I need to teach them to turn the water on.

Muddy dog foot prints in our shower.

Regis has been taking some pictures at the boat dock in Tracyton.

Gull with a clam.
Blue heron with a fish.
Gull with a crab.
Two gulls.
Two gulls.
Clover, asleep.

2 Comments on “Hummingbird, Camped Out

  1. Hi Linda, I find that using my phone gets me much better photos of things like bees. Laurie and I recently got new Pixel 6 Pros, mainly for the camera, which is very good. In fact, when I get out my “good” camera I am almost always disappointed. I may need a new good camera. Anyway, I enjoy reading about your new life and the various challenges you face. I wouldn’t have the energy to deal with new puppies. My rescue cat, who has various health issues, is enough for me. Keep me on the list! Thanks, Beth


    • Beth, I recently ordered the Pixel 6 and it ships on Friday. I’m glad to hear you are having good experience with it.


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