Month: July 2022

First Boat Ride

It’s now the time in this tale where I get on the boat and claim her as mine. Whoo Whoo! To get the boat, I first had to get it off the navy base where it was located which was no small task. Access… Continue Reading “First Boat Ride”

Puppies with Ice and Pollinators

My collie puppies love ice. When I get ice from the refrigerator, they come from wherever they are to get some. It has been hot here lately (like almost everywhere), so I threw a bunch of ice cubes in their swimming pool. They loved… Continue Reading “Puppies with Ice and Pollinators”

Catch 22 and Boat Insurance

Re-published after some edits. If my closing drama wasn’t dramatic enough, do I have a tale. When I signed the paperwork for the boat, I revived a boat insurance quote I had started over a month ago. I sent in some final bits of… Continue Reading “Catch 22 and Boat Insurance”

Basic Guide to Birds Found Near Water in St. Augustine 2nd Edition

I have recently updated the Basic Guide to Birds Found Near Water in St. Augustine to include 3 more birds. The book is available at Barnes and Noble Press.

Puppy Adventures and the New Motorhome

My vet recommended occasionally separating the puppies to give them time alone. I wanted to go camping in the new to me motorhome, so thought it would be a good idea to drop one puppy off with my son in Seattle so I only… Continue Reading “Puppy Adventures and the New Motorhome”

Another Closing with Drama

It’s official. I own a boat! But not without some drama. Its seems that over the last 30 years or so we have had some type of snafu leading up to and including closing day. Every single time. I think it all started back… Continue Reading “Another Closing with Drama”

Little Crabs

I was hoping to kayak today and for a variety of reasons, it did not work out. I went to the local boat launch anyway and saw that the tide was so far out that I would not have wanted to launch anyway. With… Continue Reading “Little Crabs”

Harbor Seals

Regis found a location in Poulsbo where harbor seals were hauled out on some docks near the marina. He got some pictures in the morning and when I loaded them, the first one was a pup nursing and I had to go see them.… Continue Reading “Harbor Seals”

Puppies With a Chewy Box

It appears the puppies know there is something good to be had in the Chewy box.


Part of the plan in moving to Washington was to use some of the proceeds from the house in Florida to purchase a boat. Regis has been wanting to spend some time on a boat for over a decade and has put those plans… Continue Reading “Boat”