Harbor Seals

Harbor seal with nursing pup on the left.

Regis found a location in Poulsbo where harbor seals were hauled out on some docks near the marina. He got some pictures in the morning and when I loaded them, the first one was a pup nursing and I had to go see them. Back Regis went to show me where they were. While we were there, a very nice gentleman with a beautiful sailboat allowed us onto one of the limited access docks to get a closer look and get better pictures. We saw a couple more moms with young ones. We also enjoyed seeing some of the small fish, crabs, sea stars, anemones, and other life forms around the docks.

According to the NOAA website, harbor seals have no external ear flaps, just a hole that opens to the ear canal on either side of their head. Their pelvic bones are fused, so they cannot move their hind flippers to walk on land and use an undulating motion to move. They can sleep underwater and come up for air once every 30 minutes. Regis wants to know why they lay on their sides like a bent sausage, but I was unable to find out. It looks uncomfortable. I told him it was because they were drying out in the sun and it was shrinking their skin on top (kidding). One of the little pups reminded me of my puppies because it was sleeping on its back with its flippers up in the air. My puppies like to sleep on their backs with their feet sticking up.

The bent sausage look.
I like the flipper covering the eyes and the tongue out on the seal on the right.

Mom and baby harbor seals.
Harbor seals.
These Caspian terns look to me like they are singing in a chorus. They are hot.

Half dry, half wet baby seal with mom.

Blue heron with a fish.

Baby seal next to the sign about baby seals.

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