Another Closing with Drama

Raven’s favorite place to sleep. Perhaps because the porcelain is cool.

It’s official. I own a boat! But not without some drama. Its seems that over the last 30 years or so we have had some type of snafu leading up to and including closing day. Every single time. I think it all started back in 1999 or so and I’m talking 6 or 7 houses at 2 closings each. We are snake bit to say the least.

The closing on the boat was a bit less dramatic than the house closings but caused several changes to my plan on taking possession of the boat. My plan was to wire the money, sign and overnight the documents and drive from Washington to Florida where I could take possession. There I could move the boat to a storage yard, take inventory, use my car to get supplies and new boat parts, do some work then drive back to wait out hurricane season.

The process started out well. Got the Documents early monday, had them signed, notarized and in the hands of UPS by noon for next day delivery. My plan was to pack and be ready to leave Wednesday morning so I could get to Florida around Saturday. By end of day Tuesday, the package did not get delivered.

Linda was going to Seattle to pick up the puppy, Raven, who was staying at our son’s house for some “away time”. I was going to tag along and be prepared to go to the title company, conveniently located in Seattle, to sign new papers, just in case. During our visit I got an email stating they received the papers, a good 15 hours later than promised. By now it was way too late to drive to Florida and get there for the weekend.

A reason to get to Florida at the weekend was personnel availability. The boat was stored on a Navy base. I could not get on base and needed someone to escort me. That works best on the weekend. To get there in time, I needed to book a plane ride for the next day and get a ride to the airport very, very early in the AM (thank you Linda) and book a hotel. At least that travel part worked out after serval revisions.

So, yea, just add another fun contract closing.

Next up, Boat insurance catch 22 and last minute co-ordination with 5 or so people!

Note from Linda: Since Regis has not provided any pictures for this post, I stuck some puppy pics in.

Clover with just a few of her many toys.

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