Puppy Adventures and the New Motorhome

View across Dyes Inlet.

My vet recommended occasionally separating the puppies to give them time alone. I wanted to go camping in the new to me motorhome, so thought it would be a good idea to drop one puppy off with my son in Seattle so I only had two dogs to deal with during our short camping adventure. I dropped Raven off with Jason because he is the easier of the two puppies to handle. I wanted my son and his partner to have the best experience since I hope to have them watch the dogs in the future when I am on travel.

I took the two puppies over on the ferry. Once we were parked on the ferry, I took them for a walk on the outer deck. To get there, I had to go up some steps. No problem with that. The dogs were fine until we started moving and Raven started whining. He talks a lot anyway, so I do not think it’s necessarily an issue. Clover was finding every piece of trash and was interested in a half-eaten lollipop she found. I decided to return to the car and had to go back down the steps. Clover ran down the steps while Raven firmly planted all four feet, so he did not have to go down the steps. I did the arm splits. I had to get Clover to come back to me and carry Raven down the steps. He is getting too big for that. It can be hard to deal with two puppies at the same time. I obviously have work to do.

I took Clover and Dart with me on our camping trip to Bainbridge Island which is only a half hour away but a lovely spot on the water. I did not think Regis would be here for the trip because of the boat, but there were delays in the purchase, so he was able to join us. I drove the motorhome and did the setup by myself to make sure I can do it alone. I was glad to have Regis there for guidance because we had a couple issues, the first being that the hose was leaking when we hooked it up to the motorhome. We did not have the tools to solve the problem but will have them in the future. We had enough freshwater in the tanks and decided not to do the hookup.

Dart does not want to walk, so Regis hung around with Dart at the campsite while I took Clover for a walk on the beach. She loved it. She found every crab, mollusk, piece of trash, etc. on the beach. She would have been in heaven if she could have romped off leash. (I will find an off-leash beach for her to do that). She was awed by some seaweed in the water that moved with the waves. She was convinced it was alive and did not believe me that it was okay to get close. Because she was more interested in being in the muck than I had planned, I mucked up my sneakers big time.

While in the motorhome at night, Dart was grumpy. He growled at Clover just for breathing. The quarters were too close for him to handle another dog. It bummed me out. The motorhome can accommodate us but every living being in the motorhome has to have some patience. Clover was lovely but Dart was not.

I took Clover for a walk on the beach during sunrise and wore my Muck boots. I quickly found that the sole was separating from the boot. It did not cause a problem at that time, but I will have to glue it back together. It was also clear that Clover has too much energy for me to stop and take sunrise pictures. Dart was always willing to lay next to me during the process, but Clover is too much of a puppy to deal with that. Therefore, no pictures.

We were supposed to stay for two days, but Regis found that he was able to move forward with the boat. Since Dart was grumpy, I was fine with leaving. I learned things from our one-night stay. The motorhome will accommodate us, and I am comfortable driving and handling it, but Dart is an issue.

Clover was very subdued without Raven. Meanwhile, Raven enjoyed grabbing sticks in Jason’s yard and trying to bring them in the house. If Raven gets a stick around Clover, she tries to steal it. He got the sticks all to himself, but he was not allowed to bring the big ones in Jason’s house. He learned to hide them somewhere. He was a good boy and is welcome back.

I returned to Seattle with Clover, Dart, and Regis to pick up Raven and the two puppies spent time terrorizing Jason’s and Dan’s gardens. The puppies appear to have strong opinions of when plants need to be pruned and flowers deadheaded. Most of us do not agree with their choices.

Soon after we got back, Regis left to take possession of his new to him boat. At home, I learned to deal with a house that does not have air conditioning when we have a heat wave. Fortunately, Jason gave us two portable air conditioners. Closing all the blinds and running the air conditioners on the top floor is working. We are comfortable. I was most worried about Dart, but he is fine.

Of course, I loved the name of this boat in Poulsbo.

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