Catch 22 and Boat Insurance

Picture so Linda will be happy.

Re-published after some edits.

If my closing drama wasn’t dramatic enough, do I have a tale.

When I signed the paperwork for the boat, I revived a boat insurance quote I had started over a month ago. I sent in some final bits of information and waited. Three days later, sitting on a plane to go get my boat, I get an email that says the insurance company can’t write a policy until two items on the boat are fixed. What?

As part of the boat buying process, you get a survey done. It’s like a house inspection. There were a number of issues found, as expected. After all, the boat is 38 years old. The insurance company wanted two items fixed before they would write the policy. This put me between a rock and a hard place. To get the boat into a marina I needed insurance, but to get insurance I needed to get into a marina to get the work done.

At least I had a plane ride to think up a plan.

At my next airport connection, I got on the phone with Linda and asked her to get us an umbrella liability policy. We had one to cover us at one time but because of a change in insurance on the RV, we could not maintain the policy. To maintain umbrella insurance, the company required all insurance policies to be with them. We never took the time to find another solution. Linda contacted an agent and they issued a policy immediately and did not require all of our insurance to be with them.

She got the work done and by the time I got to Florida. I was covered and could actually put the boat somewhere.

Up next, picking up the boat and going “for a 3 hour cruise”.

My new, unnamed boat.

One Comment on “Catch 22 and Boat Insurance

  1. Thanks for finishing the last story on the boat acquisition. Happy cruising.


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