Puppies with Ice and Pollinators

My collie puppies love ice. When I get ice from the refrigerator, they come from wherever they are to get some. It has been hot here lately (like almost everywhere), so I threw a bunch of ice cubes in their swimming pool. They loved it but the ice melted too soon.

In the meantime, I took pictures of some of our pollinators. Fortunately, I moved to a place with an established garden. Here are some of the pollinators and blooms I found today.

This little bee has tattered wings.

Interesting plant growing in my rock wall.

A few weeks ago, I went to one of the local Farmer’s Markets to pick up some bee balm (Monarda), among other things. There was only one plant left with no bloom. I bought it. It bloomed a few days ago and it is beautiful.

This bee has an orange or rust colored backend.

I uploaded my images to iNaturalist to determine what species of pollinators these are. I am waiting for an expert to let me know.

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