Moving in

Now that I’m tied up at the marina, my plan was to take inventory of what the previous owners left and do a thorough cleaning. Everything should have been working on the boat because it was when we left the dock on the base. Upon hooking up in the slip, I found the air conditioning was not working. Being on the gulf coast in July meant the first order of business was to get the air conditioning running. That project turned into several hours of frustration with no success and therefore, a long sweaty night. Something electrical was not happy between the dock and the boat. Rather than spend all the second day working on fixing the air conditioning, I decided to sit in the AC in the car.

While packing up the Florida house to move to Washington, I had set aside a bunch of stuff I thought I would need on a boat. I put it all in a storage unit in St. Augustine. Therefore, I spent the day driving from Pensacola to the storage unit in St. Augustine while enjoying the comfort of the AC. I was going to load everything into the car and take it back to the boat, however upon opening the unit I realized I stored too much stuff. It was not all going to fit. I sorted through and packed the car with priority items and headed back to Pensacola. I will need to make another trip to get the rest of it out of storage.

Full car and still more to get

It was a long drive to St. Augustine and back, but it gave me time to plan how to fix the electrics and I now had some supplies and tools. So, one more night on the boat without AC. I got started on the electrical issue the next morning after a hot night. I ended up jerry rigging a patch cable and was able to get the AC working by early afternoon. I spent the rest of the day sitting under the vent enjoying the cold air. After a night sleeping with the AC, I was able to start the task of cleaning and organizing the boat, two days later than planned.

This spot is full.
This space is full also full.

I started the day unloading everything from the packed car onto the boat. One thing I realized very quickly was I had collected things with the idea of getting a bigger boat than what I ended up with. I found myself moving things from one pile to another. I became overwhelmed on how to proceed and needed a plan. The previous owner left a lot of stuff on the boat. Some of it was useful but some I could toss. I did not think I was going to eat from a jar of pickles that was sitting for who knows how long on a hot boat.

No sleeping in this bunk. (Note from Linda: This photo got Regis in trouble. After arriving in Washington, I was looking for my cool bucket with the bird on it (see left side of pic). Regis said I probably tossed it before moving. I knew I had not done that. I looked everywhere and could not find it. I figured the movers must have lost it. Then, I see my lovely bucket in this photo and realized that Regis stole it from me when packing up his things and then blamed me for tossing it out.)

By the end of the day, I had made progress. I got the galley (kitchen) cleaned and organized. I still have some stuff to find a place for, but any bit of progress felt good. I also got a bin dedicated to collecting things to get off the boat. This will keep it from getting moved from pile to pile. Most of it will be donated, but some will go back to Washington.

One section organized.

The rental car was due back and I cut this trip short and headed back to Washington. I will spend a couple of weeks there and head back to Pensacola in the RV to continue boat organization. I am not supposed to stay on the boat in this particular marina. To take the RV to Pensacola, I need to get a car ready to be towed behind the RV. More projects.

Next up: Back home & RV projects

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  1. I’m really enjoying your running commentary on the day to day challenges in your change of lifestyles. Thanks for the entertaining monologue.

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  2. Sounds like you have had your hands full Regis. Things will work out great very soon I hope for you.

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