RV Projects

I got back home from the boat and after a couple days of travel recovery jumped right into RV projects.

It came apart easier than I expected.

One of the things needed was to set up the new to us Kia Soul to be towed behind the RV. Before I left for the boat, I ordered the hardware needed to hook up the car to the RV. The basic idea is to turn the car into a trailer. This RV is smaller than our last one, but having a car to sightsee and run to the grocery store makes life so much easier while on the road.

Time for power tools. Lookout!

Overall, it is not complicated just time consuming and stressful. The process involves removing the front end, cutting some part of the car, and drilling holes into the car. Of course, then you have to put everything back together hoping it looks the same as before you started.

Tow bar installed. Hope everything goes back on.

The good news is I had only two parts leftover (expected) and only cut one thing by mistake. Not bad.

Almost done.

After I completed this, I scheduled an appointment to have an auxiliary braking system installed in the car. Many states require a braking system on trailers over a certain weight. When this is done, we will be ready to use the RV to the fullest.

Looks like new.

Up next: Who knows…

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