Collie Puppies and an Older Sheltie

Raven and Clover.

Our household has been going through changes lately. We moved into our current home in March and got collie puppies a couple months ago. Regis bought his boat and has been dealing with that. In the meantime, we swapped a car for a motorhome and took it out for a spin.

The collie puppies are amazing and arrived in our house basically good. We have had few issues with them. They are both house trained and I started taking them to a local dog park. I was walking them in the local reserve but found the dog park better meets their needs right now. There are some regulars at the dog park and a few of the dogs run well with the collies. I am enjoying the human companionship and think I go there as much for me them as for them.

Dart was attacked by a Welsh corgi on our street in Florida a couple years ago and has been very difficult to walk since. I recently took him to the dog park with the collies and he had a great time. He is better with other dogs when he is off leash. He can no longer move well, but the dogs and owners we deal with in the park accommodate his issues and he is in heaven. It thrills me to see him so happy and to be around people who understand his needs.

Dart’s hind end is not working well, and I have had to cover the entire house with rubber backed area carpets so he can walk through it. His right back leg refuses to cooperate. When we arrived in March, this was an issue, but we worked through it. He is much worse now. He can barely walk. I bought every rubber backed carpet I liked at the two nearby Lowes. I recently took him to the vet and they took Xrays. His organs are good, but he has significant arthritis. All we can do is give him pain pills if he can tolerate them to make him more comfortable.


I am struggling to train two puppies at the same time. It is harder than I expected. Thank goodness I’m dealing with collies. When I separate them, it works better. Recently, Regis took one dog while I took another on a local walk and the dog behind on the walk howled. It was crazy. I did not realize this would be an issue, so we are doing this now and then to have them walk separately but together. My vet warned me having two puppies at the same time would be an issue and he was spot on. But here we are, and we have to work through it as best we can.

The collies get bored easily with their toys. I started giving them recyclables and it makes them happy. They play with them until they are bored. I give them more any time I can. It works well. It is crazy you can spend money on toys, and like children, boxes and plastics are more interesting.

I recently got a bubble machine for them, but it did little to get them excited. I purchased a dog pool for them, but they were insufficiently interested to keep it, so I donated it to the dog park.

I was able to sign up one dog at the local puppy training, so I picked Clover to move forward. She is enthusiastic and cooperates well. I will get Raven into training as soon as I can. He is my “marshmallow”. He is laid back and a great pet.

Relaxing with my pack.

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