Move in day (part 2)

Somewhere north of Salt Lake City. The front hubcap in this picture was lost between Salt Lake and Provo.

My first try at moving into the boat got nowhere fast. See part 1. With things not working according to plan while taking possession of my boat, I hatched a plan to carry on. Getting back to Washington I focused on house and RV chores. A key part was to get the new to us RV ready for travel which involved an oil change and getting the braking system installed for the Kia. I also had some house chores left on the to do list. See RV work.

After the to do list got completed, I planned to drive the RV to Florida and continue moving onto the boat. The RV and Kia give me a home and transportation. I cannot stay on the boat for more than a couple of nights at a time because no live a-boards are allowed in the marina.

I chose to let the professionals install the brake system and do the oil change. Good call on the brakes, bad call on the oil change. The tech overfilled the oil by close to 2 quarts. On the way to Florida and after about 150 miles, the RV started complaining that the oil was too full. Who knew the RV was that smart? My task was to syphon out little by little until I could get to the correct level. That is way easier said than done. It took 3 stops over 2 days to get all the parts I needed, then 3 separate nights sucking out about 12 oz per night.

Not quite sweet tea. It took about 30 minutes.

The RV is running great. It pulls the hills better than our last RV, but not by much. At least we will not be the slowest thing going uphill like we often were with our last RV.

The trip to Florida started slowly with multiple stops to Walmart etc, to get stuff I forgot, and needed, plus some parts to remove some oil. After getting the oil to the correct level I was able to rip out several 400 + mile days with the last one being just over 500.

Up next: Back on the boat

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