Boat Has a Visitor

I met the overnight security ( Great blue heron) at the dock one early morning.
He also spends much time walking up and down the dock fishing off the side.

Over the Labor Day weekend my youngest brother Mark came down for a visit. I was planning on visiting him before I left the area, but he made the drive, and it was great to see him. However, I had to tidy up to boat for guests. Since I sorted through most of the boat, it was just a matter of picking up the bits and pieces laying around as a result of doing repairs and upgrades. I stuffed it all into the forward bunk which has not been totally cleaned yet.

It will be clean at some point.

While waiting for Mark’s arrival I added several things to my to-do list. I am alwaysing adding things to this list. After catching up with him and a boat tour, work continued on the boat. One of the things we got done was to fix the rear door. Of course, I did not have everything on hand I needed to finish, so we took a trip to the store and stopped by the RV for him to check that out.

Shortly after I got the boat I discovered the holding tank was nearly full. This tank holds all the waste from the two heads (toilets). It is illegal to dump this type of waste into the waterways, so it’s held onboard till you can get it to a pump out site. For me that was just 100 feet away on the next dock. While Mark was here, I took advantage of the extra hands to move the boat.

Moving the boat was a huge learning experience. I got to the pump out dock and back into the slip without doing any damage. When going back to the slip, I wanted to put the boat in bow first. This would be more convenient to getting in and out of the boat and I could get better pictures of the front of the boat.

View of the front.
The other side.

Over the weekend, I continued checking things off the list and adding others. Because it’s so hot, any work outside requires frequent rest breaks in the air conditioning.

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