My Dog Has a Sock Fetish

My craziest collie Clover looks so sweet while she is asleep with her legs crossed.

My two wonderful collie puppies turned six months today. They are going to professional training and I work with them regularly. They are pretty good most of the time. They have never been in the trash, eaten my shoes, chewed through power cords, etc. They have gnawed on furniture and destroyed area carpets. One loose thread quickly turns into a ruined carpet.

We have bamboo floors in our house which are beautiful, but Dart (my 12-year-old sheltie) cannot get traction on them. We tried covers for his toenails, but his toenails are too short. We tried socks, which work pretty well, but now that Clover is here, she removes Dart’s socks. Therefore, I have area carpets all over the house. I found it helpful to have small ones that can be thrown in the wash. I tried indoor/outdoor carpets that can be power washed, but they need to be elevated to dry and I have difficulty doing that with the larger carpets. We are moving into the wet season soon in Washington and I will no longer have the sun to dry the carpets for me. At least when Clover, and it is always Clover, destroys a carpet, I can toss a small inexpensive carpet and replace it with an inexpensive carpet.

Clover has a sock fetish. She steals socks and puts them under the deck in the back. This morning, I pulled out my clothing for the day and tried to hide the socks with my clothes and put them on a bench in the bathroom. When I came out of the shower to get dressed, there were no socks. Of course, I found them under the deck. When it is cold, I usually go to bed with socks on and kick them off in the middle of the night. They wind up on the floor, so they eventually wind up under the deck. She does not chew shoes, clothing, etc. just socks and carpets for the most part. This is also why we cannot put socks on Dart. Dart does not remove the socks, Clover does.

I say for the most part for the following reason. Dart exhibited some eye issues a couple days ago and I took him to the vet yesterday. The vet said he either has conjunctivitis or a neurological issue and gave me some eye drops for him. If it is conjunctivitis, he will improve. One day later, he looks worse. I started to do an internet search and the neurological problem could be from a spinal infection. I thought it would be good to keep an eye on his temperature. I have a dog thermometer. I pulled it out and the battery was dead. I wanted to check things right away because it is Friday and I will not have vet resources over the weekend. I went to the store to get a thermometer or a battery. I left the krakens (collies) out since I did not intend to be gone long. I could not find any thermometers in the store and was unable to find the correct size battery. I was very frustrated and decided to place an order on Amazon rather than visiting every store in town.

Dart’s eye issue. His third eyelid is staying in this spot.

I got home to find pieces of plastic all over the floor. It took me a few minutes to put together enough clues to realize that some dog or dogs found the dog thermometer and chewed it to bits. Fortunately, I found the battery.

With an aging dog and two puppies, I have spent too much time at the vet. I joke that I’m helping him to buy his next boat and he has probably already placed his order. I have been at the vet numerous times in the last four months. Some of those visits are regular puppy visits, but too many of them are for other reasons.

We are experiencing wildfire smoke today. I used a new lens to take a not-so-great picture. Here is a lens story. I ordered a lens for my mirrorless camera to replace two of the lenses I had for my other camera. I sold one of those lenses and gave the other to Regis. I think I ordered the lens in January or February and it was on backorder. I did not get the lens until July. It stayed in the box until a couple weeks ago when I finally pulled it out to take a sunset picture. I could not get the lens on the camera. There is one letter difference between the lens for the mirrorless camera versus the lens for the regular camera and I ordered the wrong one. I was embarrassed that it took me a month to realize I ordered the wrong lens. Fortunately, I ordered from Hunts Photo and Video and my rep Alan took good care of me and immediately shipped out the correct lens while I shipped back the wrong one. It all worked out. So that I did not wait a month to try it out, I made a point to go down to the local landing by the water to get a picture and it was a hazy day due to the wildfire smoke. You can usually see the Olympic Mountains clearly on a good day from this location and you can barely see them in this picture.

The Olympic Mountains are barely visible in the distance from the boat launch in Tracyton. There is a lot of wildfire smoke in the sky and there are advisories. We have had no rain the last few months. The sky spit at the ground a couple weeks ago, but otherwise it has been clear and dry. With the dry environment and some wind picking up, it can be hazardous.

4 Comments on “My Dog Has a Sock Fetish

  1. I always look forward to your posts. They are informative and often humorous. Poor Dart is experiencing old age problems. I hope his eye condition is not serious. Love watching the collies grow and reading about their antics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your feedback. Yes, poor Dart is having a rough time getting old. I have my fingers crossed that his eye problem will clear up. He breaks my heart regularly as he goes from one issue to another. When he’s not grumpy, he enjoys playing with the puppies and I think that’s good for him. He puts them in their place if they get too rough.


      • You are doing your best for Dart. All of my dogs over the years have had difficult old age issues. We have gone through accue puncture, cold laser treatments, ALL kinds of meds (You name it) orthopedic beds, ramps to eliminate steps, the rugs you mentioned to prevent slipping on hardwood floors and the ultimate heartbreak in the end. I lost my beautiful German Shepherd last Feb. And I am not considering another because of my age. Brenda


  2. I am sorry. I think it is hard to be without a dog. My brother lost his German Shepherd last week.


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