Boat update

First latte on the boat!

Wow! I have made a lot of progress over the last 4-5 days. I have gotten into a routine that seems to work. I get to the boat about 6 am, work till about 9 am, run out and pick up supplies, screws, nuts and bolts, or whatever to complete a task. I continue working till about 2 pm then head back to the RV to shower, and relax, or do boat research on the internet on how to fix whatever I found wrong that day. Most recently I cleaned and sorted the last 3 storage lockers, got some of the stuff out of the front bunk area, finished several repairs that were dragging on, and now spending big money for parts.

A discovery I made just before my brother Mark’s visit was that the anchor chain had a bad (rusted) spot. While at the dock, I let out the anchor and chain to inspect the length of it. At about the 20-foot mark there was a rusted section. Once I hit that spot, I stopped and pulled the chain back in. I had looked in the chain locker before purchase and the visible part of the chain looked fine. However, it was hiding the bad spot.

Old chain. About 100 feet

While Mark was here, I wanted to pull all the anchor chain out on deck to inspect it. We pulled and laid the chain out and found another bad spot toward the end. Typically, only about the first half of the chain is used, thus it gets the most wear. That would leave the last half in good shape. I was going to just swap the chain end for end to extend the life, but with rusted spots towards both ends it was pointless. All in all, there is only about a 50-foot section of good chain out of about 100 feet. After thinking about it for a day or two, I ordered 200 feet of new chain. A couple of days later I had 200 feet of chain in the back of the Kia Soul. It did not like the extra weight.

200 feet of new chain. That old cart came in handy! I did hear the cart call out, “please don’t”

I also worked on the engine room. This is where many, if not all, of the mechanical things are located. It’s dark, not air conditioned, and smells like oil. All good reasons to put off doing any work down there. But, it was time. A “cold” front came through the area and while the temps are still in the 80’s(F) the humidity is lower and there was a great breeze. I took advantage and opened all the windows and doors and turned off the air conditioning. The engine room was still a bit warm but tolerable. I took inventory of the oil, coolant, and transmission fluids, installed an additional light (LED), and upgraded the other lights to LEDs as well. I had already switched the cabin lights to LEDs, doing the engine room completed that upgrade.

the engine room looking aft (toward the rear)
engine room looking forward (toward the front). Flash makes it look much brighter than it is.

Up next… Working on the flybridge (roof top)

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