Third Eyelid Problems

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my collie, Clover, had her third eyelid (nictitating membrane) showing on both eyes on a few occasions and I took her to the vet and he could not figure out the problem. She is a healthy puppy. The problem has not recurred. That is good news but puzzling.

I also mentioned in an earlier post that several days after taking Clover to the vet, Dart exhibited a problem with his nictitating membrane in one of his eyes. His membrane did not retract. Off to the vet again. He gave me medication to treat conjunctivitis, hoping that was the problem. It should have gone away in a few days. It did not. After reporting back to the vet with a picture showing it looked the same, we were squeezed into their busy schedule. The vet pointed out that the pupils in each of Dart’s eyes were a different size. Dart has Horner’s syndrome. It is a neurological issue. Depending on the underlying cause, it can be treatable, or it can have a bad outcome. The vet cautioned me to not go down the rabbit hole of thinking the worst. He gave me some meds to treat Dart telling me that no matter what the underlying cause, this is what he would do first. Dart goes back tomorrow to see how things are going, but so far, I do not see a change.

Dart’s nictitating membrane (third eyelid) showing.

At this point, Dart is unable to go up and down steps. He can barely walk and only on flat ground. Try to find flat ground in Washington State. Our house is built into a hill. There are steps everywhere. He had lung problems a few months ago that seem to be mostly resolved. Now, he has something insidious going on. I had plans to fly to Pensacola and bring our RV back to Washington, but I am not comfortable leaving Dart. Fortunately, my brother and his wife are up for the adventure and will bring the motorhome back for me. I hate to miss that beautiful drive through Colorado this time of year, but I will get to do it in the fall eventually. I am sure the aspen leaves look astonishing right now.

I am taking Clover to a one-on-one training session on Sunday to start doing scent work. She needs a job and this may be the best place to start. I will be able to get Raven involved also.

Since I take the collies out regularly for quality time and Dart is unable to do much, I started taking him to the boat launch at sunset with me. I do not have any spectacular photos right now, but eventually we will hit it at the right time.

Sunset at the Tracyton boat launch. The next two nights I went with a better camera, the sky was overcast. Dart and I will keep trying.

The collies improve every day. They are turning out to be amazing watch dogs which is a blessing and a curse. It is nice to have them warn off bad stuff, but I do not want to hear the barking forever. I am trying to figure out how to teach them “enough”. I got it and I can take it from here. I appreciate their initial alarm, but at some point, they need to shut up. One night, when Clover would not stop barking, Dart looked at me like “could you stop this”? He crawled up next to me begging me to stop the madness. I do not know what got her going that night, but there was no stopping her. Raven was fine. We are working through our issues. It gets better every day.

Raven loves to chew things and is most content when he has something to chew on.

Clover loves her crate.

Regis and I usually review each other’s posts and I called him to find out if I needed to make changes to this one. While talking on the phone with Regis, I noticed Clover chewing on something unusual. On closer inspection, she had completely demolished the charger for my Fitbit. That is a unique charger for the Fitbit, requiring me to order another one. I do not know where she got it. Argh! Why is it that if any dog destroys something, 99.9% of the time it is Clover?

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