Greater or lesser yellowlegs.

Every day, I take the collies together or individually for walks or training. Dart stays home. I often let him accompany me outside our fencing when I have chores to do. He is happy to lay nearby and he will not run off. He is a well-trained dog and having the puppies has made me deeply appreciate how well-trained and well-mannered he is. I’ve been checking out the sunsets at a nearby boat launch with the Olympic Mountains in the distance. I usually bring Dart with me. Sometimes he comes outside and lays down next to me, but often he is content to lay in his dog bed in the back of the car with the windows open. He is a special guy.

Last night, I got to the location before sunset and was able to take some wildlife pictures and my favorites were this Yellowlegs. It could be a greater yellowlegs or a lesser yellowlegs, I do not know. The lesser and greater look the same, but they make a different call. This was a quiet bird. Yellowlegs are sandpipers.

Although one could say tonight’s sunset was not amazing, I find all sunsets amazing in their own way. Here is last night’s sunset picture.

There is a young man who shows up an hour before sunset and records the sunset with his iPhone. I do not go every night, but he is there every time I go. He is delightful and I enjoy chatting with him. Tonight, I saw a young family with the parents and three children. Mom was trying to take pictures with one child strapped to her. I offered to use their phone to take pictures of all of them. They were grateful and I got a chance to talk with them. The father grew up in the area, but they now live in Utah. They gave me some advice for visiting Utah in the fall. I put that away in my file for a future adventure.

Greater or lesser yellowlegs.

I recently bought a couple toys from Orvis and Clover loves the little animals. I caught her with both toys this morning beneath her paws. She brings them up or down the steps, so they are nearby wherever she is. So cute.

Clover with two animal toys under her paws. The other paw and tail belong to Raven.

I took Dart back to the vet for a checkup and he has not improved much with the medication. That may not be good. This particular medical problem is not painful. We will take each day a step at a time. I will be continuing medication for about another week and see how it goes.

We moved here in March and I could walk Dart in the nearest park on a trail that was about a mile loop. It was a slow walk, but we did it every day. Now, Dart can barely walk up our driveway. Last time he did, I had to carry him back down. All of you with pets know how heartbreaking it is to have a pet in this situation. I treated all the dogs to hamburgers for lunch today. The collies inhale food when it is not their kibble, which of course they did, and Clover regurgitated hers immediately. I was on the phone with my brother at the time and intended to clean it up after I got off the phone. It was gone when I did. Yuk! No good deed will go unpunished.

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