I am not asking Regis to review this post ahead of time, because he would probably not like the post.

Regis bought a boat that is in Pensacola ,Florida. He moved it to a working marina, which means you can’t stay on the boat. He took the RV and the tow vehicle to a local campground so he could work on the boat while waiting for hurricane season to pass. Once hurricane season is over, he planned to move the boat to St. Augustine. He wants to be located on the Intracoastal Waterway.

My brother and his wife will fly down from Maryland to take the RV and tow vehicle back to Washington. I was going to go also, but Dart’s health issues have scared me into staying home.

Ian, the stinking hurricane, has decided to work its way up through the gulf. The marina where Regis has his boat told him he needed to remove it. Regis got the campground to place the RV in an open field and he got on the boat to head to Perdido Bay to wait out the storm.

Regis has never taken the boat out alone. Regis is not familiar with the area. Regis is recovering from a recent infection that landed him in the emergency room. I am not happy with this situation. Regis’s recent health problems and the current crisis has made me significantly alter my future plans.

So while I watch the path of this hurricane regularly, life is almost good in Washington State. I have two collie puppies and an older sheltie with health issues. Raven, my male collie, exhibited severe digestive issues on Friday. All the dogs were in dire straits by Saturday. I got some miracle medicine from the vet and Clover and Dart seem to be doing well, but I’m still unsure about Raven.

I wanted to fly down to help Regis, but there are a variety of reasons why I would not be helpful.

My son and his partner stayed with me last weekend while the dogs were recovering from their digestive problem. They were lethargic on Saturday while I left them because Jason’s partner’s parents gave me a birthday celebration meal. It was wonderful and amazing.

The dogs were clearly in better spirits on Sunday and barked and ran around the house and showed Jason and Dan how crazy they are. Nevertheless, they plan to take Clover for a visit in the future.

While the guys were here, they took the kayaks out on Dye’s Inlet on a beautiful day. I spent some of that time waiting at the launch and taking pictures of the local wildlife.

2 Comments on “Life

  1. Linda we are all dealing with hurricane issues. That is why you are in Wash state. If there is anything that Bill or I can do please ask. -Pat

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    • Your posts are so interesting, always with a dose of reality; worry over sick dogs and a sick husband! I hope all goes well and things look brighter in the next read. My heart goes out to you as you deal with Darts aging issues…been there….too many times.

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