R.I.P. Dart

Dart at Fort Worden State Park with Mount Baker in the distance.

LND’s Dashing D’Artagnan aka Dart passed away this afternoon. He was 12 years old. I gave him liver for dinner last night and special treats today, but by this afternoon it was clear he was in pain and I could not keep him any longer. I was handling it pretty well until I came home and let the collies out of their crates and they ran past me to greet Dart. They always greeted Dart before me.

Dart was an amazing little guy. He excelled at agility. I was the one holding us back. He learned it faster than me. It’s through agility that it became clear to me that dogs listen to your body language more than your words. If I said a command, but my body said something else, he did what my body said. He was also speedy, so I had to give him plenty of notice. He loved tunnels the best.

When Dart started jumping off the deck shortly after bringing him home, I knew he was going to enjoy agility.
This image shows how much Dart enjoyed agility. This is a cell phone photo from a photograph.
The take from one week-end of agility trials.

He was also crazy about his flying disk and lived to play with it. While camping, when slowing down for a rest stop, he would jump up in anticipation of getting to play with the disk. He would not pee or drink until he got his disk playing in.

Dart loved playing with his flying disk. When it got old and ratty, I would replace with a new one and he preferred the old one. Eventually, after too many holes, he had to accept the new one.

He loved the snow, so I plan to take his ashes up to this lovely spot on a favorite hike hear Lake Cushman.

I hope to put Dart’s ashes on this spot on a trail near Lake Cushman.

A few more pics below:

Dart’s the blue-merle in the center and the rest are his littermates.

Dart loved Tekoe, our female tri-colored collie. He tormented her and she let him do it and never snapped at him. Copper is the sable collie.

Dart with his brother Magic. Dart loved their play dates.

At one time, we had chickens and Dart adored them. He was not particularly good at herding them, although he tried. If I left the chickens some freedom out of the pen, Dart was useful for getting them back in the coop. It was not that he herded them well, they felt harassed enough that they sought shelter in the coop and it all worked out. Dart loved his job.

Regis and Dart chillin’ at a campground outside Yellowstone National Park.

Regis tortured Dart while we were in Canada by making him wear this headpiece for Canada Day. Dart was a trooper but clearly not happy.

11 Comments on “R.I.P. Dart

  1. So sorry to hear about Dart Linda. He was such a beautiful dog and I always enjoyed seeing him. I am sure the puppies will miss him as well as you and Regis. Sounds like a wonderful place where you will leave his ashes. Many prayers coming your way.

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  2. Aw dear Linda, Dart sounds like a wonderful friend and companion. I know you will miss him terribly but know you gave him the best life! Take care, miss you

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  3. All our fur babies go to Heaven and Dart will be waiting for you. Never gets any easier when we say goodbye, but worth all the love and time we share with them. Lynn

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  4. My condolences to you and Regis. It’s so tough to lose a good dog friend like Dart. We lost our 13-year-old AmBull mix Buddy unexpectedly last November, and there’s still a big hole where he used to dwell.

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