Month: October 2022

Canada Jays

My brother and his wife recently visited and we drove to the top of Mt. Walker hoping to get a good view of the area. There were partly cloudy skies. We were fortunate that the cloud cover was high enough to get a decent… Continue Reading “Canada Jays”

Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine Available on Amazon

The Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine is now available in paperback and electronic through Amazon. Amazon Kindle click here Amazon paperback click here Barnes and Noble paperback click here

Days of rest.

I have been taking it easy for the last 4-5 days. I have not started anything that might balloon into the a major task. What I have been doing is cleaning up, yet again, and finding homes for things that have been laying around… Continue Reading “Days of rest.”

Little Douglas Squirrel

Today, I saw a small Douglas squirrel hanging around. It is the smallest one I have seen, so I think it must be a juvenile. Douglas squirrels are also called chickarees. I got the collies (aka krakens) some tough toys at Costco. On the… Continue Reading “Little Douglas Squirrel”


We had a particularly smokey day on the west side of Puget Sound today. Sometimes we escape the worst of the smoke lately while Seattle suffers, but not today. There are at least 8 wildfires in Washington. I went to the local boat launch… Continue Reading “Smoke”

Sibling Dogs, but Very Different

Clover and Raven have similar coloring, so they can be difficult to tell apart. As they grow, the size difference between them widens and it is easier to identify each dog. Raven is heftier, while Clover has a thinner face. If you spend time… Continue Reading “Sibling Dogs, but Very Different”

Cooling System Fix

Wednesday Sept 28: After getting back from my unscheduled trip (see Ian and illness and solo and running away), I spent the rest of the day rinsing off all the salt spray on the outside of the boat and tidying up. Sitting up on… Continue Reading “Cooling System Fix”

Flickers and Crows

I put up our bird feeder again recently. I had it up when we first moved into this house, but the birds kept flying into the windows, so I took it down. I recently put it up on the deck in the front yard,… Continue Reading “Flickers and Crows”

Solo and Running Away…

Monday Sept. 26: After a three days of hurried prep work and fighting an infection (see post here) I was under way to leave the marina and find shelter from hurricane Ian. This was not how I imagined my first cruise would be, running… Continue Reading “Solo and Running Away…”

Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine

I just published the Basic Guide to Backyard Birds of St. Augustine. It is the companion book to the Basic Guide to Birds Near Water in St. Augustine. According to, 339 species of birds have been reported in St. Johns County in which St. Augustine… Continue Reading “Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine”