Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine

I just published the Basic Guide to Backyard Birds of St. Augustine. It is the companion book to the Basic Guide to Birds Near Water in St. Augustine.

According to, 339 species of birds have been reported in St. Johns County in which St. Augustine is located. This guide is meant to help the birding novice identify some of the commonly seen backyard birds in the area. There are guides available that are inclusive of all bird species, but they can be overwhelming. Forty-one species of birds are introduced, with the time of year they can typically be seen in the area, and how they can be attracted to your backyard.

The first part of this book contains images and information about selected bird species which newcomers and visitors to the area may not be familiar and want to identify. The birds are grouped into categories of similar species primarily based on a taxonomy used by Each bird species begins with the common name followed by the Latin name. There are pictures of the birds with descriptive text. Included are when and where to see the bird species in the St. Augustine area based on the author’s personal experience. The second part identifies how you can attract these birds to your yard. Lastly, there is a list of resources that may be helpful in learning about local birds and an index listing the birds in alphabetical order.

My faithful companion, Dart, was by my side while I worked on this book up until the end. He died the day before I received the printed copy to make final corrections. This book is, of course, dedicated to him. They are available from Barnes and Noble Press at the following links.

Basic Guide to Backyard Birds in St. Augustine

Basic Guide to Birds Near Water in St. Augustine

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