IAN… and illness

Buckle up, this turned into a long post.

hotels way off on the gulf beaches.

It’s been a rough week or so. On Monday and Tuesday (Sept 19 & 20) the temperatures were getting into the 90’s again. With the heat and boat work I was feeling sluggish so when Wednesday was forecasted to be 95 I switched to plan B.

One of the things I needed to do was stock the boat with food. My brother-in-law is coming to get the RV soon and I will be on the boat full time. Plus a hurricane was coming! Since I needed large quantities I wanted to go to Costco. Pensacola does not have one. The nearest one is in Mobile, AL, 50 miles away. The ride was a nice break from the routine, however by the time I got back I was not feeling right.

You know the feeling when something is not correct with your body but can not put a finger on exactly what is wrong. After stocking the boat, I went back to the RV and took a nap. When I woke an hour or so later I had a fever. I am guessing it was 100-101.

Dealing with the fever and knowing a Hurricane was coming I needed to check Ian’s progress. I also checked my email. Not so great news from the marina, “Blab,blab, named storm, blab, terms of service, blab, evacuation”! Not unexpected but I had to leave the marina and hide somewhere.

Stocking up

I stayed in the RV Thursday and Friday looking at my new paper charts(maps) hoping to find a nice hole to hide in. According to the latest forecast, I needed to go 20-30 miles west to get out of the worst of the winds. Worst case I would need to hop a little farther west. With tropical storm force winds expected sometime Wednesday, I planed to move the boat Monday giving me plenty of time to settle into my temporary home. It was late Friday afternoon and I needed to deal with this fever which was not going away.

I was going to wait till Saturday to see how the fever was doing but thought better of it. Being the weekend it may be tough to see someone about it, so late afternoon I scheduled to go to the clinic. The first available appointment was Saturday morning. After all the usual questions, a Covid test, a flu test, and a urine test, I spent over a hour in the minute clinic. Bottom line is I had a urinary tract infection. They thought it was bad enough I might need an IV antibiotic which they could not do. They sent me to the Emergency Room. The ER Doctor there said that the IV would be the aggressive option and possibly an over night stay, but that we should just do some oral meds and see if it changes in a day or two. I only have two days until I needed to move the boat. Fortunately, after two doses I was feeling much better. By midday Sunday I was back at the boat finalizing preparations to depart.

Preparations were largely just putting tools and supplies in a secure location. It’s amazing how many times I have put everything away in the last 3 weeks. The boat looked to be in pretty good shape by Sunday evening so I went back to the RV to get it ready.

Not knowing when I would be back, I elected to move the RV out of an official site and into a field the park was clearing. The RV park was helpful. The park is full most weekends and now the snowbirds are starting to arrive with their months long reservations. I had no reservations but the park has been able to shuffle me around and squeeze me in here and there, all without having to move very often (Pensacola rv park). Good place, good people. Now with the RV secure, I went back to the boat and spent the night and prepared to leave on Monday.

I woke Monday to sunshine and windy conditions. But the meds were working and I was getting better but a little bit at a time. I puttered around with last minute things and watched others finish preparations and leave. A last check on Ian and it moved farther east, good news for me since it would mean less wind.

Without the upstairs curtains or with?
With the upstairs curtains or without?

I procrastinated long enough and untied the lines and backed out of the slip, without hitting anything, and off I went.

Up next: First real solo boat trip

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