Flickers and Crows

Northern flicker, red-shafted.

I put up our bird feeder again recently. I had it up when we first moved into this house, but the birds kept flying into the windows, so I took it down. I recently put it up on the deck in the front yard, but the collies, in particular Clover, likes to eat the seed that falls out of the feeder. I tried fencing it off, but she’s better at this than me. So, my son and his partner moved it into the garden for me. The collies can not get to it. Recently, I saw a flicker show up at the feeder. Since flickers eat insects, they do not usually show up at feeders.

Northern Flickers are yellow-shafted on the east coast of North America and red-shafted in the west. There are hybrids in the middle. In the east, the underside of the wing and tail feathers are yellow, while they are red in the west. The red-shafted birds also sport a beautiful red moustache. Flickers are woodpeckers, but do not behave as you would expect a woodpecker to behave. You are more likely to find them on the ground searching for ants and beetles. Until I moved to this house in Washington State, I never so a flicker close enough to appreciate its size. They are beautiful birds.

Northern flicker. Note the red moustache and red tail feathers.

I love crows and they are abundant in the Pacific Northwest. Since they are black, I find them hard to photograph and get a good result. I went to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge today and had an opportunity to get some up close photos of American crows.

American crow.
American crow.
American crow.

Also at Nisqually, I captured a shot of this great blue heron’s wing while it was preening. I love the feathers.

Great blue heron wing.
Great blue heron.

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  1. When I lived in Oregon we had tons of crows. They would stay in the fir trees in our backyard and crow all day. After awhile I got so tired of them as they were so darn loud. When are you moving back to FL. We are thrilled that you are as we have missed you.

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