Little Douglas Squirrel

Douglas squirrel.

Today, I saw a small Douglas squirrel hanging around. It is the smallest one I have seen, so I think it must be a juvenile. Douglas squirrels are also called chickarees.

I like this image because you get to see the feet. The little squirrel also reveals it’s a male.

I got the collies (aka krakens) some tough toys at Costco. On the first day, they removed the eyes. I cannot find the eyes, so they may be working their way through the system of one or more of the collies.

Eyeless dog toy.

One Comment on “Little Douglas Squirrel

  1. I LOVE to read your posts! Having had dogs all my life, I can identify. This one about the eye removal is a hoot. Also, the Douglas squirrel is new to me. Never heard of that species. Cute little thing!

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