Days of rest.

I have been taking it easy for the last 4-5 days. I have not started anything that might balloon into the a major task. What I have been doing is cleaning up, yet again, and finding homes for things that have been laying around for some time now. I am planing a trip back to Washington to get away from the boat for a while. I have been away for 2 months now and that is far too long.

A ships figure head of a different kind.

Linda suggested I do a post about the goings on at the marina. I bet she was hoping for some wildlife photos but no luck there. I have been trying to get a pic of some dolphins that have started swimming through and around the marina, but do not have one good enough to tell it was a dolphin.

I got some pics of the area. That is, what I can see of the dock. Just across the water is a huge industrial area. Many different things going on.

Large red crane to unload/load the barges. On the wires across the top are 20-30 pigeons. They hang out there or under the bridge nearby.

Directly across is a staging area for a bridge replacement project. Instead of trucking in the concrete spans the company bought/leased the land and built a concrete processing plant to pour/form long bridge spans. While the new bridge is now in place, all the cleanup of old pilings and construction components is ongoing. Mostly this involves hammering very large chunks of concrete into smaller ones. Almost every morning at 6:45, we can hear the big excavators squeaking down the hill to the piles next to the barge and begin hammering. All day long, and then they squeak back up the hill and disappear for the night.

Concrete tubes waiting to join their smaller sized friends in the background.

The large pieces are brought in by barge and unloaded by a monster crane. I presume the smaller pieces are trucked out to make even smaller pieces somewhere. All the metal reinforcement is probably sold to the metal recycler next door.

Barge full of recycling. The pile of metal in it is at least 16-20 feet deep about 125-150 long and about 20-30 feet wide. That is a lot of metal.

Farther up there is the metal recycling business. They appear to take metal of all kinds and stuff it into a giant compactor and squeeze it into a square-ish shape. They have two hill sized piles they work with to feed the compactor. After that they start loading a barge from the giant hill sized mound of squished cubes. All day long. After a couple days the full barge disappears and an empty one is soon there.

Small tug. Cute
More tugs and cranes farther down.

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