Kind of an Update

Snow over the Olympic Mountains.

We have a couple moving parts and this post is a little bit of a few things.

Regis and I will be leaving next week to arrive in Pensacola to start the process of moving the boat to the east side of Florida, weather permitting. My son and his partner are going to watch the collies (aka krakens). I must be back by mid-December with a flight out of Orlando, so Regis will drop me off wherever it makes sense to get me back home in time.

Locally, the weather is changing and getting colder and wetter. We went almost four months with little rain and the situation is changing. I went to a local park on the water today where I regularly walk the dogs. They are still a handful to walk together, so I went today by myself. A friend told me that Brandt cormorants regularly fly there. I see cormorants regularly but did not realize they may have been new to me. Indeed they are a bird I can add to my life list. A good friend in Florida told me to bird every bird and she is absolutely right. I got a new life bird today not realizing I have been seeing one regularly. There were also pelagic cormorants.

Pelagic cormorant.

The weather has changed and there is snow in the mountains. It’s very pretty. Regis is still in Florida mode so he has been cold since he arrived. He moved the thermostat up five degrees when he got here and the dogs and I have been panting in the heat ever since. We are used to the cooler weather. Not Regis.

But, today at the local park on the water taking pictures, it was excruciatingly cold. I thought the temperature must have dropped to the twenties and it was in the mid-forties. I will be in trouble when the temperature drops more as expected.

I have a video below of the collie krakens playing. They are big but still puppies. They are crazy playing together. Clover rules the roost and sometimes prevents Raven from eating. Since we are here, we do not allow that behavior. It is still interesting to me. Clover continues to dig new holes and loves her little animals. Although she chews on them, she does not chew them too much. Raven is happy to decapitate and remove the appendages of all the animals. He is a chewing machine. I continue to be fascinated how different they are even though they are siblings.

I have two wonderful Orvis dog beds for the puppies at night, but during the day we are upstairs and they try to sleep in Dart’s smaller beds. They are outgrowing them and Orvis recently had a sale, so I have two new collie sized beds arriving for them soon.

We do not watch TV or movies much. About a week ago, I decided to watch a movie on the big screen TV. Clover was fascinated. She had never seen a movie on it before and was curious. It did not last long and she left. I plan to try a Lassie movie soon and see if it is more interesting to her. She loves different sounds and smells. I have been hiding a scent for her to find and she loves the game. I think her wonderful nose is the reason why she finds all the trash on our walks.

Glaucous-winged gull, immature.
Flowers I saw in the local park.
I love the color of the leaves. Living in Florida the last six years, I did not get to see this kind of beauty. I am soaking it in. Every place is special for its own reasons. Enjoy it.

UPDATE: This post was revised to correct the caption for the cormorant.

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