Regis is Freezing

Regis has not been warm since he arrived back in Washington almost a month ago. Too much time in Florida has weakened his system and he cannot handle the cooler weather. The temperature recently dropped quite a bit resulting in a bunch of snow on the Olympic Mountains and nearly freezing temperatures here at night. I am learning to dress better and the collies do not care about the weather. Their fur is growing nicely and rain does not impact them. So, we are doing fine. Regis is counting the minutes to his flight to Florida next week.

Today was clear, so I got good views of the Olympic Mountains and their new snow. Everything seems so blue here.

For those of you who are into plants, we arrived at this house with a ton of invasive English Ivy covering about 1/3 of the property. We started to tackle the problem. The whole property is too overwhelming to deal with in one season, so we started with the front gardens and the retaining walls nearest the house. Here are a few before and after pictures of the progress.


After removing the ivy, I am planting native plants.

2 Comments on “Regis is Freezing

  1. Impressive!Glad Regis is not flying in today or tomorrow with this nasty storm.

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  2. It will be three years before you can be sure you got it. In the spring spray what comes back with 2X 2,4 D. Our deer eat ivy in the winter but it doesn’t control it.
    You have done a marvelous job.

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