A Mouthful

A common loon with a large fish.

I went to Lions Park in Bremerton in hopes of getting a picture of a common loon I had seen when I walked the dogs. After walking the dogs, I got my camera and went back to the park and got lucky. The loon had a large fish in its beak. It is not clear to me if the loon ever swallowed the fish. It seemed too big to me.

Common loon.

I found a salmon carcass lying on the shore and heard the barks of a sea lion. I never caught sight of the sea lion, but the sound was unmistakable.

Salmon carcass on the shores of Dye’s Inlet.

Recently, we went to Seattle on the Bremerton to Seattle ferry to have an early Thanksgiving meal with friends and family. It was a beautiful day for a Puget Sound crossing. We brought the krakens and walked them through Seward Park prior to dinner in hopes it would wear them out. They were good and mostly stayed in their place during the meal. There was an occasional attempt to see if the rules for staying put still applied. Jason and Dan hosted an amazing dinner. Jason is an outstanding cook. This became apparent when he was a teenager and after coming home from work one day to an amazing meal, I told him he could live with us forever if he kept cooking like that. He left anyway. Every Thanksgiving, he texts me pictures of the amazing dishes he has made. Being on the other side of the country, I could only salivate. This time, I ate. Hopefully, they will still have leftovers when we drop the krakens off on Tuesday before our flight to Pensacola. Jason and Dan are delighted to watch the krakens for nearly a month. I hope they are still speaking to me when I return to retrieve the collies.

As I was working on video and pictures today, Regis told me to check out the deck. There was stuffing from one of the dog toys all over the deck and yard. Following is a short video that includes the perpetrators.

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