Collies and Seattle

Clover and Raven after a recent professional grooming. Their fur is white, white, white.

Regis and I leave for Pensacola on Wednesday. Jason (our son) and Dan will be watching the collies for almost a month while I am gone. They live in Seattle, so the 8 month old pups will move from a quiet environment to a city environment. It will be good for them. Jason and Dan plan to take them on adventures and go out to dinner. With their patience, this should significantly improve the krakens ability to handle a diversity of situations.

I took the krakens to a professional groomer for their first time today. I have been bathing them myself and letting them air dry. When I arrived at the groomer, Raven was very vocal. The groomer told me that was because he was stressed and I believe she was correct. Clover arrived like a pro. When the dogs started to be blow dried, Raven was fine as long as the groomer whispered sweet nothings into his ear. Clover lost it. They could not finish blow drying her. I told them when I dropped the dogs off, to not force it if they didn’t like the dryer. It’s better to introduce slowly.

It will be an interesting few weeks moving forward as the collies explore Seattle and Regis and I move the boat from Pensacola to the east side of Florida. The plans are for the boat to arrive in St. Augustine, but that depends on slip availability, etc. I need to leave out of Orlando to get back home on December 13. I will hop off the boat in the time/place that works best for a return. If we can make it all the way to St. Augustine in time. I can visit with some of my amazing friends. If not, I will jump ship somewhere else in order to get to the airport.

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