Arrival in Pensacola to Move the Boat

Downtown Pensacola Florida is cut off on the right side of the picture. That’s Regis’ boat in Bayou Chico just west of downtown Pensacola.

We flew from Seattle to Pensacola today on uneventful flights with Delta. It was as pleasant experience as you can get flying nowadays. Even getting through the Seattle, Atlanta, and Pensacola airports were a breeze. I took some pictures from the plane. We left before sunrise and got nice views of the early sun shining on the tops of the snow-capped mountains. I also got some pictures landing in Pensacola.

Clouds are filling the valleys between the mountains. I believe these are the Cascades. Some of the weird shadows and colors are from reflections and distortions from the airplane window.
I believe these are still the Cascades.
I believe this is central/eastern Washington under cloud cover.
View while landing in Pensacola.
The Gulf of Mexico.

The plan is to get a dinghy, fix a few things, make sure the fixes work on a test run, stock up, and head to the east side of Florida. I have a flight back to Seattle December 13 and Regis will drop me off on land somewhere to get to the Orlando airport. He needs my help the most to get through the locks at Lake Okeechobee. After that, he can drop me off on land, but I am hoping I get as far as New Smyrna Beach. I can easily get a shuttle to the airport from there or from Daytona Beach. If we make good time, I would love to visit some friends in St. Augustine, but that may be wishful thinking.

The weather upon arrival was chilly. Fortunately, the heaters in the boat work. If not, we were going to have to run to Wal-Mart for some warm blankets.

In the meantime, the collies are on a Seattle adventure. They are rearranging gardens at Jason’s and Dan’s house. Clover has decided she can get up on the couch. She has never been allowed on the couch in our house, but she is always the one to test to see if the rules still apply.

The collies doing some exploring and gardening. Jason also sent a video where I thought Clover was barking but after looking again, I saw she was biting off the tips of plants. They look happy.

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