Live Fish in the Toilet

New dinghy on the left, old one on the right.

I was not sure the toilet on the boat was working properly so Regis checked it out this afternoon. He found a live, small fish swimming in it. He sucked the fish up in a tube and deposited it back in the water. I wonder what stories that fish will have to tell its buddies. The toilet can suction water from the outside to put in the bowl, but the pipe does not have a screen. Regis switched the toilet valve to not suck the water from outside the boat so as not to traumatize any more fish, or me. I love fish and do not want to pee on them. Also, who knows what else might show up?

We mostly ran errands today. As items get checked off the to do list, more items get added. Since I forgot my charger for the laptop and I’m missing the adapter to use my mouse with my laptop, we added a trip to Best Buy today. Unfortunately, the charger that is supposed to work for Dell computers did not work for my Dell computer. Fortunately, the charger for Regis’ Mac works. We added an item to get a charger, checked off the item after the purchase, and added an item to return the charger. For every time items removed from the list, one gets added.

I was interested in getting a down comforter or alternative in case the heater breaks. We had heater problems in our first two RVs, so I am reluctant to trust the heater will continue to work properly and its cold outside. We could not find what I wanted at Wal-Mart where we eliminated some items from our list. Presumably, Bed, Bath, and Beyond has what I want, and we will check that out when we return the charging cable.

Regis got his new dinghy today. He said the old dinghy was too small and tipped up when he was using it, so it was not working for him. Following is a video of the maiden launch of his dinghy from the shore, after which he paddled it to the boat.

Tomorrow, we plan to take the boat out for a sea trial to make sure some of the items that Regis fixed are actually fixed. Better to find that out before we leave the dock permanently.

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