Sea Trial and the Krakens

The collies worn out after lots of exploring. I love the decorations on the tree!

We ran our sea trial yesterday and the part Regis fixed worked. But, while running the trial, he found the tachometers from the main helm and fly bridge were not synchronized. He fixed that among other things when we returned to the dock while I ran errands. There are a few things left to do today. We plan to begin our journey to St. Augustine Nov. 20. The weather looks like it will be cold but otherwise fine.

In the meantime, the krakens (collies) are enjoying new experiences in Seattle. They appear to be settling into a new routine that includes long walks through the city and lots of play time in Jason’s and Dan’s yard which is more interesting than ours. There is construction going on behind the house for new housing and Clover likes to watch the workers. Both dogs enjoy getting to the highest place in the yard where the view is best. Jason and Dan have a variety of plants in gardens throughout the yard and the pups are enjoying trimming them. There was a pile of kindling near an outdoor fire pit that the dogs have distributed throughout the yard.

Raven is using the couch as support for a sit. I do not think he realizes he is on the couch. He is good about not getting up on the furniture. Unlike Clover who appears to be getting on the couch whenever she thinks no one will notice.
Raven and Clover at one of the high points in the yard.

Jason and Dan took the collies to a local brew pub where they got their beverage. The video also includes some play time in front of a cozy fire.

Raven and Clover at a brew pub. Perhaps they are more interested in a pale ale or a lager?
Raven relaxing.

Clover at the pub.

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