Dolphins at the Bow

We began our journey from Pensacola to St. Augustine around 8:15 this morning and dolphins joined us at the bow within 45 minutes. I was ecstatic. I told Regis that even though I was here to help him out, I was really here for the wildlife. We had an uneventful but chilly ride to our stop near Choctawhatchee Bay. There were only a couple boats, probably because it was so cold. While setting anchor for the evening, a group of dolphins swam near the boat. After setting anchor, I was able to get some pictures of common loons fishing nearby. The light was low, so I kept the shutter speed low not expecting much action. Then, they started doing stuff besides fish. By the time I switched the shutter speed, they stopped.

Common loons.

As for the collies in Seattle, they are going out to dinner regularly and their manners are improving. Jason and Dan sent the following picture, and I questioned their observation about improved manners, but they told me the collies just happen to have noses at table height and when told, they backed off.

Jason, Raven, and Clover at a restaurant.

The krakens must share the same stick. No matter that the planet is filled with sticks and there are plenty for each dog to have their own, they must chew on the same stick.

Clover and Raven.

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