Fix and Clean

With a day off at the marina and West Marine an Uber ride away, we spent the day fixing and cleaning. Regis fixes. I clean. We walked around in the morning trying to find the Barred Owls today with no success. We have a clean boat with the toilet and heater/AC fixed, personal showers taken, and food stocks restored. We plan on two days to Carrabelle to fuel up and be ready for the scariest part of the trip, to me. The weather is looking good enough that, if it keeps, Regis wants to leave Friday evening to take advantage of it and go the 135 nautical miles to Tarpon Springs in one shot. If we do that, we will have a back-up plan to stop in shallower water if neither of us feels we are awake enough to keep going. Now that we have traveled for a few days, I am feeling more comfortable but nervous nevertheless. I have been reading a nautical book that says if you are not nervous, you are probably in trouble. Then you get cocky and lazy. My adrenaline will likely keep me awake. Regis recalculates the diesel usage every few hours. He will do it again tomorrow.


On the second day we’re determined to make sure we get them plenty of exercise so they sleep through the night. Dan had an early call so I decided to try to brave the morning walk alone with the both of them. After the horror stories I’ve been hearing I was a bit worried at how achievable this was but it was surprisingly smooth sailing. (Linda: I have been having trouble walking them together but not separately.) I kept them both on a short lead for more control. Clover tended to hang back slightly (I get the feeling she might still have been a little nervous in her new surroundings). Raven wasn’t pulling much either though he did get out in front whenever there was another dog in sight. I’m sure he was a bit nervous too but it’s his job to be the protector, so he put himself between any danger and his sister.

They spent a lot of time playing in the yard throughout the day. I’m so used to how long it would take Coco to do her route of exploration that I kept going out to check on them. They were, of course, always fine. Sometimes I’d just find them lying out the yard somewhere relaxing. That is not something Coco would have ever done.

In the evening we thought it might be good to run with them for a little bit to see if we could get even more energy out of them. Whenever I’d run with Coco, I’d tend to let the leash out a bit more. Her ability to make a quick stop when she caught the scent of something was far better than mine, so it was good to have a little extra slack in the leash, so I didn’t yank her off her feet. Unfortunately, Dan and I didn’t fully appreciate what running with puppies is like. It took all of 15 seconds before the dogs were running towards each other and across my path. In my attempt to not barrel over Clover at full spent I took a tumble. Luckily it was cold out and I was wearing gloves. A little scrape on the knee, a small hole in my glove, and some lessons learned.

Once we got home, we curled up on the couch to watch TV and threw a log on the fire. We usually use the starter logs – they burn for a reasonable amount of time and don’t throw any sparks so even if the fire isn’t completely died down by the time you’re ready for bed you don’t really have to worry about it. They’re mostly for ambiance at that point. They generate heat, but not a ton. Raven thinks otherwise. He was switching bed locations at least every 10 minutes and panting. You’d think we’d had a raging inferno going. Clover stayed passed out the entire time. I tried to convince Raven to head to the bathroom on the other side of the house so he could sleep on the cool tiles, but he wanted to stay.

With a full day of walks and yard play they slept soundly through the night and didn’t destroy anything. Success!

2 Comments on “Fix and Clean

  1. We are taking the intracoastal waterway. Tomorrow we arrive Carabelle, get diesel and wait for good weather to hop across the Gulf to Tarpon Springs. We will text Jason before crossing.


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