Fog on West Bay.

Wednesday, we walked to a restaurant for dinner and got fresh seafood. Delicious. We set the alarm Thursday for before sunrise hoping to leave as soon as the first rays of light hit the horizon. Instead, we were socked in with fog. Regis was upset because Wednesday was a perfect day and he spent it in the bilge working. Now, we wanted to cover over 50 miles and we had to wait for a break in the fog. We set out once there was sufficient visibility, but it was nerve-wracking not being able to see more than a 1/2 mile. I sat up top and kept an eye out while Regis followed the track shown on the navigation system. It took until midday before we could relax a bit.

Wednesday was a beautiful day for having fresh seafood on the water after Regis spend most of the day in the stinky bilge fixing stuff.
Dos, Regis’s 36-foot Grand Banks, looks large from this angle with those 60-foot fishing boats lined up on the next dock.

We exited West Bay into another narrow channel that will bring us to Apalachicola Bay. This is the second narrow cut we have traversed and I expected lots of wildlife in these sheltered areas. That was not the case. We saw kingfishers and a couple bald eagles. We see the most wildlife on the bays and lakes in which the intracoastal waterway goes through. I got a few decent pelican pictures. We saw more dolphins, a large flock of coots, and a family of otters that crossed the narrow channel in front of us as we were about to enter Wimoco Lake.

Mature brown pelican.
Immature brown pelican. I love how pelicans look awkward when they take off and land, but they are otherwise graceful and beautiful birds.
There are a lot of derelict boats along our path. Hurricanes have been rough in this area.

We are currently anchored a few miles upstream of Apalachicola Bay and plan to head to Carabelle tomorrow. It will be our jumping off point to cross the Gulf to Tarpon Springs area. We need to find a good weather window to make that crossing.

Krakens: From Jason

Day three was full of a lot more yard exploration. They started exploring the upper parts of the rock wall. I watched them for quite some time, never sure if they were going to take a tumble. There’s barely enough room for one dog up there and they were both exploring and blocking each other’s paths. They’re pretty sure-footed though and I eventually let them be and figured they’d make their way back in safely eventually. Despite all of the yard exploration their walking is getting worse. They’ve got far more energy now and are starting to pull a bunch. Maybe they’re getting more comfortable with their surroundings and are loosening up? I’m finally starting to relate to all of the stories I’ve been hearing about them!

They finally dug into their box of toys for the first time. I placed it downstairs to try to encourage them to keep their rambunctiousness confined to the basement and it seems to be working so far. They’d come up occasionally, but quickly return downstairs to continue fighting over a specific toy. Raven did eventually win and was very proud of his prize. Clover seemed… annoyed. She was a bit antsy so I decided to let her out (so she could go bark at whatever random thing caught her attention). Raven, of course, needed to follow. I changed the rules of the game on him though because I wouldn’t let him bring his toy outside. (Linda: At home we have a doggy door where they often have free access to the yard. They use that freedom to bring almost every toy out in the yard, which I retrieve every day while cleaning up after them. I must train them to clean up their own toys.) This led to quite the conundrum. He wanted to be outside with his sister, but he did not want to leave the prize possession he just fought so hard for. This whole “no toys outside” concept was clearly foreign to him.

They were so energetic playing with their toys that we were convinced that we were going to need to go for another walk at the end of the night to try to calm them down more. Fortunately, they got tired on their own and we all settled down for bed at a reasonable hour. I think they’re getting used to the new schedule!


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  1. You can’t control the weather or visibility. You made the right decision to wait for it. Sounds like you are having a great cruise. Enjoy it!!!!

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