Krakens (Collies) First Snow

By Jason Burek

Clover, Jason, and Raven.

Seattle was forecast to receive our first snow fall of the season and since the collies are too young to have seen snow, I was excited to see how they responded. When I woke up in the morning, I pulled the curtains aside to take a peak outside. If there was snow on the ground, I was going to need to get dressed so I could go outside with them and capture some video. Sadly (fortunately?), the snow had not started yet so I let them out for their normal morning romp, had my breakfast, made some coffee, and curled up in the corner couch to catch up on the news.

It did not take long for the first flakes to start falling. I kept an eye on things as I drank my coffee, hoping that there would be enough accumulation that their first foray into the snow would be an exciting adventure. They clearly sensed something was different out there. They kept going over to the door and turning around to stare at me. When I didn’t respond immediately, they would come over to the couch and shove their nose into my lap. When all they got was a quick pet and a kind word it was back to the door. After a few repetitions it was clear we were not going to be able to wait for any accumulation, so I put some shoes on, grabbed my jacket, and let them out to explore.

It was… rather anticlimactic. Coco would turn into a lunatic when it snowed. Even in her old age she found a sudden burst of puppy energy and would start running at full speed. The collies seemed to think that this was just another way of drinking water (as with the rain storm the other day where they were mostly interested in licking up the puddles). After licking a few snow flakes off the ground, they returned to their normal wrestling and destruction of the gardens.

They clearly enjoy the colder weather though. They spent at least an hour out in the yard today. Clover took up her normal position at the bottom of the driveway and eyed the construction workers warily. Raven had left a “rawhide” outside that was nice and soft now so he laid neared by and chewed to his heart’s content.

Added bonus – On Clover’s new habit:

On both walks today Clover has developed a new habit. About two thirds of the way through the walk she slows slightly and starts trailing you on the walk. Then, without warning she hops up on her back legs and shoves her front legs into your rear. She likes to try to climb on top of Raven so maybe this is a form of play for her? It’s odd that she’s picked the exact same spot both times to do it. Regardless of her reasoning, we will work on stopping this habit. Nobody wants wet, muddy paw prints on their rear and she’s big enough that if you were slightly off balance for any reason you’re probably going down. (Linda: She often does this with me on our local walk and always does it in the same spot. I have not been successful in correcting this.)

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