Month: December 2022

Abnoxious Dogs

My first dog as an adult was a wonderful Bedlington Terrier named Tess. She was actually our sons dog. We trained her well and showed her in AKC shows and she acquired her championship title. At that point, we bred her and kept one… Continue Reading “Abnoxious Dogs”

Krakens and a Winter Mess

It has been an interesting week. The krakens were scheduled to be spayed and neutered on Tuesday. In anticipation of the bad weather, I parked at the top of our hilly driveway the night before. On Tuesday, the sky began to drop a wet,… Continue Reading “Krakens and a Winter Mess”

Back With the Krakens

I have been thoroughly enjoying my reunion with the krakens. Jason and Dan were amazing in taking care of them. The krakens spent one month as Seattleites and have come back a little calmer. I have been walking them regularly with a collar, no… Continue Reading “Back With the Krakens”

Boat work = time warp?

Linda flew back to Washington two days ago and I used the rental car to the fullest. I was running here and there picking up bits and bobs for a couple of boat projects I want to do after leaving this marina. As a… Continue Reading “Boat work = time warp?”

Gift of the days…

Shortly after we starting RVing we came to understand things don’t always go to plan. Many times we would set off for the days adventure only to get shot down by one thing or another. During those times, more often than not, we would… Continue Reading “Gift of the days…”

Camachee Cove

We had to move from the St. Augustine Municipal Marina at 11:00 to the Camachee Cove Marina no sooner than 12:00. It is within 3 miles. We had to get through the Lions Bridge drawbridge and arrived there within 10 minutes of the scheduled… Continue Reading “Camachee Cove”

St Augustine Boat Parade

Since we were able to stay in the St. Augustine Municipal Marina for one more night, we got a view of the St. Augustine Boat Parade. The Bridge of Lions was between us and the parade, but we had good seats. A friend joined… Continue Reading “St Augustine Boat Parade”

Kraken Friends

I am looking forward to seeing the krakens on Tuesday. I hope they remember me. I am afraid they will have had so much fun dining out and spending evenings watching movies in front of the fireplace that they will miss Seattle. But I… Continue Reading “Kraken Friends”

Passage Stats

Here are some stats about our trip: About 700-715 statute miles 19 days (two of them not traveling) 7 nights in a marina 1 night at a mooring ball 10 nights anchored 1 night crossing the Gulf 140 hours on the engine 40.9 hours… Continue Reading “Passage Stats”

St. Augustine – End of Passage

We left Daytona Beach at sunrise and saw thousands of gulls perched on docks, bridges, sandbars, etc. The last time I saw that many gulls was also in Daytona Beach. See post here. The sun shone beautifully off the bridges as we headed north.… Continue Reading “St. Augustine – End of Passage”