Moore Haven to Port Mayaca

We successfully crossed Lake Okeechobee Saturday. Fortunately, the winds were decent, and the crossing was comfortable. We started to see more wildlife as we approached the lake. My favorite part was watching this snowy egret perched on the Julian Keen Lock where the water comes through, probably looking for fish. We saw one at the Port Mayaca Lock also, in the same spot. We were joking whether the bird on the west side flew 39 miles to arrive at the lock on the east side.

Snowy egret looking for fish as the water flows into the lock.
Turkey vultures.
Crested caracara.

There is only one marina in the town down the river from us and they are not answering their phone because they closed at noon today for the weekend. We found a small place to tuck away along the waterway and anchor. Since this is a basically a canal, there is not much room to anchor. I had to call about 7 marines before I found a slip available in St. Lucie. I think it is harder to get slips than campgrounds.

In the meantime, the krakens (collies) are enjoying playing together in snowy Washington.

Raven and Clover.

One Comment on “Moore Haven to Port Mayaca

  1. Glad your trip is going much smoother now.  Love your pictures of all the birds. When you get off the bo


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