Port Mayaca to Stuart

We anchored near Port Mayaca. I love anchoring when we are near wildlife.

Belted Kingfisher.
Feather on the water.

The trip down the water way was boring from Port Mayaca to the last lock. That lock was a 14-foot drop, which was interesting, but going down is always less interesting than going up. At this point, Regis can jettison me, but I suspect he will keep me as long as he can. We get along pretty well and rarely have issues with each other. We have known each other since I was 16 and he was 17 and I guess we are in a good groove.

Today I was grumpy. I felt sorry for Regis and tried to hide it. I think I needed something else in my diet.(edit by regis, Linda has been great this whole trip. She has accepted situations when we had not choice and pushed thru. I am grateful she has volunteered to help me move the boat to the east coast of Florida. The trip has been much better with her aboard!) I was getting aggravated with things that should not have bothered me that much. When we left the St. Lucie lock, the boat traffic increased dramatically. There were boats going every which way and jerks on big boats with huge wakes that plow their way through with no sense of how they knock everyone else around with their wake. We arrived in the most expensive slip so far and they could not get me a key to the showers and laundry. We went out to eat and then Regis tried and, voila, he got a key. Don’t ask me what I think about the difference between a female asking and a male.

But there are pelicans everywhere and I got some closeup pictures of the one on the pilings at our dock.

Brown pelican.
Brown pelican.

If nothing breaks and the weather holds, we should be in St. Augustine in 4 to 5 days. I am excited to be on the east coast!

2 Comments on “Port Mayaca to Stuart

  1. Love following this trip; the joys and the aggrivations AND the beautiful shots of the wildlife. So intersting!

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