Stuart to Wabasso

We left Stuart after spending close to an hour at the fuel dock. We had to wait for a bigger boat ahead of us and then the credit card reader did not work which we had to wait to be fixed so we could pay.

The water was a green color when we entered the Indian River and we did not see much wildlife. Not like I would expect in Florida in the late fall. We saw 4-5 dolphins but not until we got north of Vero Beach. At that point, the color of the water changed and it was not green anymore. We started to enjoy the waterway more once we got past Vero Beach. It is likely because it narrows and the shore becomes more visible. I did not take a single picture while traveling. We anchored in a nice, sheltered spot and an anhinga showed up drying its wings. It is the only picture I took all day and its blurry.

Female anhinga drying her wings.

We heard the sound of Rice Krispies again last night, so we are back in waters that contain the little shrimp that make a noise when snapping their claw shut.

Whenever we anchor, the anchor alarm goes off multiple times during the night. It is set to go off if we move too much. That could mean that the anchor is no longer holding us. It would be dangerous to float freely with no one at the wheel. If we did not wind up on the shore, stuck, or hit something, we would not know where we were. The alarm only goes off when Regis is sound asleep, waking him regularly to tend to it. The good thing about a marina is that he can sleep through the night. The alarm usually goes off because we have swung 180 degrees in the opposite direction. This is primarily because the tide has changed. If there is about 40-60 feet of chain out, the boat can move 80-120 feet. Setting the alarm too high can be a problem if you actually are moving. You would not know until it was too late. If the setting is too low, it requires tending all night long. I will not miss the anchor alarm and I am not the one who gets up when it goes off.

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